Saturday, May 3, 2014


I spent a large part of the day researching things that are only important to me (insurance related) and sneaking out to watch the just discovered babies in the holly tree.

Today....I sauntered out to enjoy my coffee in the sun (and super cold wind) to find the nest already empty.  Those crafty robins.

The only reason I even noticed the nest (despite in being in the tree RIGHT NEXT to the porch) was that one of the parental figures rather ferociously emptied out the suet feeder that was stationed in said tree on Thursday.  I'm guessing in an effort to discourage other birdies from invading the flight training space.

Nature is a remarkable thing...gets along just fine without us and our interruptions...adapts to deal with the human stupidity.

Bye, bye baby birdies!  Safe flying!

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