Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wayback Wednesday.....

Back in 2008 (oh mercy!) I posted this:

pathetic rhetoric and soapmaking

Wonder if "they" still see anything coming out of Russia as "pathetic rhetoric?"  Somehow I doubt it.  Still not taking them as seriously as I'd like, given the situation and lack of response.  But then I've always seen sanctions as a sort of like telling a toddler no while smiling.  It doesn't exactly elicit the response you'd been hoping for.  As a matter of fact, it sort of encourages the actions you were attempting to stop.  Then you have them challenging you without regard to any further threats or recrimination because they've already got you figured out.

Russia tests Obama (as if they don't already know what kind of grinning pushover he is)

Remember Georgia?

Pretty sure what happened there gave Russia some very valuable lessons that they've taken and utilized, this time with success.

P.S.  It's snowing here.  Nice summery weather this past weekend (even got a bit on the pink side from enjoying it myself)....and now, snow.  Ma Nature:  keeping you on your toes since forever.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Unofficial Confirmation...

Unofficial as in I've not been through a battery of blood tests and medical related go....confirmation as in I'm feeling it...bad.

Gluten is NOT my friend.

Today has been so solidly horrible in the gastric department after last night's short love affair with homemade pizza rolls.  They were delicious (oh so delicious)...they are the devil.  After going almost a full two weeks sans gluten, last night's splurge has shown me today exactly what gluten does to me.  It ain't pretty.

So there in lies yet another new obstacle to rebuilding the pantry.  Wheat and any product containing it is out.  Substitutes are in.  And since those substitutes are incredibly hard to find at decent prices locally, I get to turn to the interwebz in full to procure them.  It also means that shopping for long term storage meals just got a lot more interesting.

As much as the Screamers and Tanker loved the Chili Mac from Wise Foods (I did not partake...it was lunch for them the day I went and got some gum scraping done); they do not carry gluten-free goods.  There are other companies that do, however, and I will be researching what they carry.    In the meantime, I'll be working on a new pantry stock list.

So tell me....any special dietary issues you're having to deal with in regards to prepping?

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