Wednesday, May 7, 2014


in vast reaches of the youngest screamer's former room, amid towers of boxes that stand twice as tall as me, there are two boxes that are meant to be elsewhere.  Boxes that were supposed to be mailed off to someone else, boxes that never made it out the door despite numerous reminders.  Boxes that will get to where they are supposed to go, sometime around mid-June...instead of February.

Also in that mass of towering boxes are my seeds.  Seeds that I have containers and soil for...but have no clue as to which box they are residing in.  Oh yes, I labeled the as to make organizing during unpacking easier (we've played this game a few times, ya know).  The problem is...the sheer height of the box towers negate my ability to find diddly squat.

There go the plans to have some sort of garden plants containerized before the move.  Guess we'll shoot for an early June start and hope for a good turn out before Fall hits.  Theoretically, it's possible...but with Ma Nature and her mood swings the past year plus...well, she don't run on theory.  So the greenhouse (yay we kept it) will be going up ASAP, just so I can have it all situated for extended growing.  I may even get adventurous and use it for some late Fall cold weather crops...providing I can keep the temps/humidity inside steady enough that little plastic-y thing might just keep me in spinach and lettuce all winter (keep in mind it's one of those $200 dohickies from Lowe's...not the most efficient but useful).  If not, hopefully it will be sufficient enough to keep the temp tender citrus trees alive through winter.

Ah, the joys of mid-garden season moving...and towers of boxes.

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