Sunday, May 25, 2014


goings on around here....okay, not really.

We pulled everything from the basement yesterday...Tanker successfully squashed no less than 3 large woman eating spiders (alright, maybe not woman eating but they were big...bodies the size of quarters big)...2 I saw, 1 I didn't but it was attempting to crawl up me when he spotted it.  Thankfully, I did not see it until it was squished.

Normally I just let them be; I used to be deathly terrified of, as long as they aren't attempting to scale me like a rock wall, I just ignore them.

Camel crickets, not so much.  Which is part of what made yesterday so "fun."  The basement is crawling with them.  They creep me out.

Guess who was IN the basement handing things out the door...go on....guess.

My skin is still crawling.

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