Saturday, May 24, 2014

There Are Things....

that I "forget" about every single time we move...I call this selective memory loss due to moving trauma.

Like I forget how annoying it is to get utilities setup; particularly since these particular utility companies require your actual online capabilities.  So we get to take a day out of our insanely busy week next week to run down and get everything setup in our names.

Okay, I'm not too overly annoyed at that...consider it a small break; a daycation of sorts from all the moving madness.  And since we are packed up...with the exception of 3 pots/pans, the mattresses we're sleeping on and the table I'm sitting at...I honestly don't mind taking the day away.

This weekend we are finishing with the emptying of the basement and storage space under the deck.  Pulling everything up to the deck and covering with tarps...hopefully the weather holds decently for this move.  I really don't want to move in the rain again.  Right now it's looking as if there is some possible.

Alas, I will let you be for the weekend (after this of course)...hope the sun shines on your BBQs and you remember the reason for the long weekend.

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