Thursday, May 22, 2014

Post #350, Plans, Previews and Pinterest....

Well, here she #350 (which means I have between now and August 4th to really get cracking and hopefully flood you with posts in order to make it to #500 for the 6th Blogiversary).

Gonna share the love of food and exercise in this one...along with some links.

First up, awaiting me at the new place and preppin' to start on June 15th is this:

21 Day Fix

My friend and coach, Lindsay Baker (who is freakin' fantabulous btw), just finished her first round and posted a review.  I'm just dying having to wait to start.

Thankfully, there aren't many changes (from what I understand) that will need to be done with the diet, as we've already started those changes.  I've got links posted to favorite foodie haunts on the Foodie Links page AND here ya go...a look at my Pinterest board filled with Clean, Paleo and Primal food yumminess that is finding its way into our chow rotation.  I highly, highly suggest the Paleo Chicken Nuggets...always a win here.

The next week is going to be completely nutty around here as the Great Move approaches and since I'll be MIA (due to utility transfers and weekends not getting along) I'll be attempting to write up some posts for the "down" days.  In other words, be prepared for out of place randomness from May 30th to June 2nd.  You've been warned.

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