Monday, May 12, 2014

20 days......

and a wake-up.

The countdown continues to clip on at a rapid pace.

Tanker is itching to finish packing up but I'm holding him back with both hands.  I'm not ready to pack everything but the cast iron up...I like my little non-stick skillet for making my eggs every morning.  I like that I can just wash it out, toss it on the drying rack and walk away without fear of rust setting in because I didn't grease it.  I'm lazy.  I readily admit that until I get at least a full cup of coffee in me it is best to not trust me with the care and feeding of anything important.  How the screamers survived thus far is beyond me.

As it is the house has been pretty well packed up for a month (probably more as at one point days began bleeding into one another as the mass of boxes grew).  Granted, I still have way more t-shirts unpacked than needed but that is neither here nor there (we will not discuss the whole t-shirt and heels addictions...thank you very much).  The kitchen cabinets (with the exception of the spice/oil cabinet) are empty; the books (oh, my beloved books) are all packed away.  I am stuck with the Kindle (not bad, but not a book).

Tanker and I are discussing foster/adoption preaching on the "dangers" please, I hear that enough from my mother; which is why we no longer discuss it with her.  It's something we feel like we need to do in a way.  So we're looking to start the required courses shortly after the move.  Not a word to Mom until it's all said and done so I don't have to hear "how can you do that to your children?" again.  I love my mother...but she is the epitome of what is wrong with too good for others for the recognition and selfish reasons but to hell with it all if it interferes with your plans or life in ways you don't want.  (Insert snide remark about not being very Christian decide 'cause I'm just not feeling repetition today.)

So here we are...moseying along by the lake for a bit wishing I could remember which box I put the seeds in (I could totally start some and them be alright for the move), Tanker counting down the days until he no longer is driving 1.5hrs each way for class.  Oh the gas to be saved!

The next 20 days just can't fly fast enough!

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Catherine said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one out there that doesn't feel that a Kindle just doesn't cut it as a book. They're nice,

Here's hoping the move goes well!

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke