Friday, May 9, 2014

Learning Curves....(and Lumpia)

I have a bunch of friends struggling with what we'll call "the new normal"...they had been accustomed to living high without a care, racking up credit debt...they are now not living so high and learning to live on a much tighter budget.  They are experiencing a learning curve.

In the past week I've gotten no less than 10 emails or FB messages from said friends; wondering how we did it for so long, living on just above minimum wage but still slowly bringing down debt.


Stop planning those vacations to Florida...stop buying the rapidly growing children brand new expensive clothing...thrift, stay home and hang, find local FREE entertainment.

I tend to forget that people are really just looking for an easy answer because honestly, that is stuff they all know really.  And I know they all know how to use Google.

Now...on to more important things....Lumpia.

H/T Google for the random image that came up during a search.

I adore them...I crave them...I need a good recipe for them.

Yes, I googled.

There are a half dozen now bookmarked and saved in my "Cook Me!" file.  But if, by some random chance, you have a recipe you love...share...pretty please!

(Clickity an ad, if you will, perhaps the large one down purchase necessary...another pretty please!)

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