Sunday, May 18, 2014


it's best to say your piece and walk away without looking back.

Even when it is family.  Blood family.

It's no secret to those that know me in real life that I have very little tolerance for self-centered ignorance.  The only surprise might be that the reason behind that intolerance being that I've spent a huge chunk (aka for as long as I can remember) of my life watching a part of my blood family make everything about them; whether it was or not (and usually it was not).  I've watched as they've hurt, time and time again, those that love them by hateful words or actions...intentional or not...and then make it out to be the other person's fault.

I've stood by and taken in everything.

I watched them make my father's funeral about them (maybe not intentionally but it ended up being that way).  I'm watching as they turn my grandmother's failing health into a pity party for themselves.  I'm watching as they say "if something happens to (insert family member name here), none of you are welcome at his service."

I am disgusted.

And I've written them off for what they are.

After all these years of "being disowned" (when they were not, they CHOSE to stay away and make themselves feel unwelcome), guess what?  They have me, at least.

There's no accounting for blood and family.

Often times the family you chose it better than those you're given in this life.

But hey, here's a win for their column...this IS all about YOU.

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