Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To Do List....

it just keeps growing and growing.

I started pricing out storage sheds today...the current place has lots of basement type storage (sorely lacking in the in house storage area however) for tools and lawn equipment.  The new place...not so much.

At first I thought about one of those rent to own sheds but upon doing the math and such decided that I'm quite happy with one of those $300 (or less) metal sheds that Tanker, me and my bro (once properly bribed with a meal) can throw together.  All we really need it for is lawn equipment...there is plenty of storage space for my beloved power tools in the house until we're ready to build a real garage/workshop.  $300 spent (plus the cost of bribing my brother) is a whole sight better than $2k or more.

And it's all about saving monies, don't ya know!

Speaking of saving monies...okay, not that this is exactly SAVING money but when I get the distinct pleasure of furnishing a house that is twice the size of what we are currently in this is sorta saving (really it is)...I'm so super excited about this:

400 mile Yard Sale

The weekend after we move...close to our little area...a massive playground in which I get to frolic about in hopes of finding treasures to assist in filling in the spaces our severe lack of furniture will leave.  I'm hoping to find some goodies on the cheap that a little TLC can spruce right on up...I'm handy with a paint brush, staple gun, fabric and sander among other things.  Let me at 'em!  If all goes well, I'll bore you to bits with before, during and after shots.  Fingers crossed that all goes well....I've really got to be finding more chairs to cozy up to the massive dining room table I have plans to build!

All of that, of course, hinges on finding hidden treasures cheap.  I know, it can be done.  I'm keeping the budget on the shopping fun low however.  As much as I would love to go and spend thousands bedecking the grand ol' Victorian out in true style...I know that on a cash only diet that's just not feasible.

But I'll sure try!

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