Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pre-planned Randomness...

for you today as I will be attending CF's funeral and have no clue what time we'll be back home.

Here comes the random....

I've been "swagging" a lot lately...loading up on Swagbucks to load up on Amazon gift cards. I've earned enough the last two days (not signing up for anything that requires a payment of any kind, btw) to get 2 $5GCs.  Not shabby considering most of it is stuff I can knock out in less than an hour.

I've also been freebie hunting like a fiend...scoring left and right.

And Bzz'ing...freebie and product testing galore.  Oh and you earn MyPoints through them as well (if you do MyPoints).

More random....

You, my readers, slam the heck out of this blog when I go all political or worldly.  Seriously, you do.  I was browsing through all of the posts made on here and the ones with possible mindless ramblings and/or political/world stuff tags have a viewer count that is insane.

As much as I'm an opinionated gal, I want more from this my little slice of interwebz.  Hopefully, once we're moved and settled and I start posting other'll love them as much as political stuff.

Now...rambling that big ad down below for me if you don't mind.

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