Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mmmmmm....Good Book...

just a quick line to opine about a series I've been reading.

Links to the Kindle downloads.

Infinite Sacrifice (free at time of posting)
Infinite Devotion ($3.99)
Infinite Loss ($4.99)

They're fairly short (this coming from a vorocious reader that demolished Under the Dome in less than 2, grain of salt), but particularly rich in detail.  Not for everyone, especially those that are offended by the possibility of past lives (since that IS what the entire series is about).  But for people like me that do...they're wonderful.

Oh and another, if you'd like, that I read last year and liked alright:

Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn ($3.99)

I finished the Infinite series and started on Exodus Lost (was free when I posted the link a few days ago, is now $2.99) and I'm thoroughly intrigued.  I'm loving the Egyptian/Olmec connections being made and finding the whole thing just highly interesting.  If you're into ancient history and New/Old World connections, this one is a good one to have.  I'm loving this one so much that I see myself procuring a hard copy, soon.

And now I'm off...

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