Friday, March 20, 2009


of the future...just a short post for now, with linkage. Read it, mull it over...for many this could be the future...for many it is now.

Gives a whole new meaning to my favorite phrase of 'have tent, will travel'...doesn't it?

Go read it. Now.

Then go double check the preps, finances and your BO plans and gear.


Melonie said...

I do have to raise an eyebrow about the couple complaining they are hurting for money for diabetes medication - and yet they somehow got beer to sit and drink in a tent city? To be honest, it's kinda hard to feel sorry for them when they make their complaint over their can of booze. Not saying any of them deserve this, per se, but it makes me take a step back and go, hmmmmm.

Ozark Momma said...

I did the same Melonie...diabetic alcoholics complaining about lack of funds for meds but still managing to feed the beer into their systems. That was one part I can do without...the rest, mainly the impending eviction, was a bit disconcerting...evicting the homeless? Kinda an oxymoron to me.

Outraged Patriot said...

What a sobering picture of things to come! Next they will move everyone into those FEMA camps. I agree about your view of that couple whining over their beer. But the middle class couple at the end of the article is what really got my attention because they are becomming the majority is places like these. That is a scary reality for most of our friends and family that are still asleep. Sobering! I think I'll go put my tin foil hat on :) and go over my prep supplies again because that will NOT be my family! Kepp up the good posts and keep on preppin!

Ozark Momma said...

I agree OP...I'm not afraid of taking to the woods, even though it really isn't my first choice, should I have too. I got the feeling that not as many will be running from the cities as folks think. People tend to stay with what they know, creatures of habit for the most part. A lot will be staying right where they are and making the most of it while they can.

Heck, we're even willing to try it for a while, but I'm a contingency kinda girl...there are always three or more plans in place.

Thanks for stopping by Patriot!

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