Monday, March 30, 2009

Can this be an "I told you so"?

Not in so many words, as I really didn't do a direct say of "He will take over the auto industry", but well....I told you so. Call it what you want: socialism, facism, corporatism, communism, etc. It's here.

Please tell me you've read some of these today, at least the headlines.

From the WSJ...'Detroit's Fate Sealed'
: "They also set a deadline -- one month for Chrysler, two months for GM -- after which the government might force a bankruptcy restructuring of both companies and break up two of America's business icons."

An excellent entry over at Powerline:
"Unfortunately, however, today's power grab is only one of several fronts on which President Obama appears determined to extend the long arm of government into American business, and American life generally. How far he will succeed in doing so, and at what point the American people will rebel, are shaping up as the key questions to be answered over the coming months and years."

And the coups de gras for me (Dad is a GM retiree, btw) also from th WSJ: "But the union leader who represents GM workers warned if the auto makers step back from their obligations to retired workers, the remaining cost of their health care will not simply go away. "Someone is going to have to pay for health care," Mr. Jordan said. "If it's not the companies, it's going to be the taxpayers in some way, shape or form." (probably the most honest quote I've heard from a Union guy in a long time)

I really don't have much else to say on this other than: If you've hanging out on the fence trying to decide whether or not this nutty chick has a point behind all of the "stock up and be ready" talk, this should really honestly be the tiny push you need to fall on over to the darkside with me. The banks are falling in line somewhat quietly, the veterans are looking at being screwed even harder, the economy is slowly (not as slowly as before though) folding like an origami swan and the most public move at control has been made. Come on over, there is a whole network of us ready to hold your hand and show you the, we have cookies.


Melonie said...

COOOOOKIES! Yay! I'm in.

Oh wait - I already was. Shoot.

I'm just curious - since they took bailout money.... if they are forced - by the government that gave them the bailout money - to declare bankruptcy....does that mean that the government doesn't get repaid? I mean, that's usually the point of say, hey guys, sorry, but I can't pay you back and now you officially can't make me.

Sooooo didn't we the taxpayers basically REALLY get the shaft if they do go with a forced bankruptcy?

Oh wait - pardon me while I grab the lube for several billion people. It could take a while, but I figure this is gonna really hurt, so we're gonna want it.

Melonie said...

PS Yes, it can be an "I told you so". ;-)

Ozark Momma said...

Pretty much, Melonie. Pretty much. Only worse because in the take down there are going to be concessions made (the retirees will be forced to give up something) and in the long run that means bigger bills for health, dental, vision, what have you for all the rest of us.

A pay cut here or there, drop of coverage for certain doesn't matter, it will happen because let's face it...the government/people own their asses from the bailout and bankruptcy will be a big fat 'up yours'.

Pass the lube and some cotton for my ears...Mom and Dad are going to shit bricks and it won't be a pretty sound.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Will you hold my hand?-- OH!!! WHY oh WHY does it have to be a [paper] SWAN get done wrong?!?

Ozark Momma said...

lol...yes Cyg, I'll hold your hand. Sorry about the swan, I couldn't think of anything else until I published...then the crane popped in my head. I was just thinking intricate and swan it was!

HermitJim said...

If there is cookies...I'll bring the coffee!

Ozark Momma said...

There's always cookies, HJ...or at the very least cookie dough. I seem to have an issue with baking all the dough up...sooooo good on a spoon!

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke