Friday, March 6, 2009

And Tomorrow....

will be spent in much the same manner as today...only tomorrow I'm dragging the screamers and the spouse off to hit one of the local trails. Since I'm not totally ignorant I'm saying all day because there are things to be picked up, rocks to be climbed and a myriad of other things the screamers can AND will do to dally their way along the path.

Momma doesn't mind. Matter of fact, I would like to stay out overnight (as was the original plan) but let's just say the tent needed some serious waterproofing for my trip this May...I got my priorities folks! Anyway, it'll be ready by the next time we see a pretty enough weekend to be pulling the screamers out. I 'could' take them out cold rain and all, but really...I dislike hearing the hacking coughs that generally follow. Never fails.

I digress...the hike 'should' only be about a two hour one. It will be much more because I won't hurry the screamers along. The point is for them to enjoy the trip as much as I do, right? So it will be an education in extreme early spring plants and wildlife...when I can get them to stop picking up every rock, acorn or interesting leaf they see. Don't worry, I won't let them play with anything dangerous (much).

Won't be as warm (only mid-70's with cloudy skies) but still extremely nice. It's really the only way to get the spouse to go out and do something like that with me...sad, no?

Good thing my trip is to a temperate rainforest, eh?

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HermitJim said...

Sounds like you have the plans all worked out pretty well...

only a mom would even think about planning for the delays!

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