Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I will share with you all the BEFORE pictures of this 'get in shape' adventure I'm on. Not until I'm happy with the AFTER pictures though...gimme until just before the May hike, k?

Let's just say...they ain't purty and I can't believe that my used to be a hot mama self got into this kinda shape. Ugh!

But I'm doing things the right way folks, I love food too much to starve myself with one of those crazy fad diet thingies. It's all about portion control and sayin' bye-bye (for the most part) to all those fried things I was living off of. Don't get me wrong...I still love me some fried chicken (really, who doesn't?) but now it's not every week.

Instead, I've been chowing down on Cajun chicken dippers and experimenting with less butter (except on the baked potato...drown it please) and fats. Let's just say that the stores will stretch even longer on this type of eating routine than they would if I hadn't had a mental/physical breakdown and decided it was 'time for a change'...bwahahahaha!

So what was once a six month store of goodies is now well over ten, if my figuring is right. Not to shabby, I didn't spend any more precious paper on expanding it...just changed the way I looked at food in general. The change does leave me at a bit of a loss in the fresh veggie department though. Having no real place of our own to grow them has set me to looking at container gardening on the upper deck.

Problem there is no sun except in the afternoon, then it's just a few hours. I'll have to put tomatoes on the lower porch, where the creatures can get to them...ugh. Then again, if Mom plants a gajillion of them again this year, I won't have to worry about tomatoes. She will, so I'll skip that. Guess I'll drive the landlord batty with cukes, eggplants and spinach in window boxes then! 'Course, this is all moot if the spouse re-enlists before isn't it.

See, can't win for nothing. Guess I'll spend tonight rethinking the veggies and checking out my new Baker Creek catalog for something quick growing that doesn't ask for much.


HermitJim said...

Hey, I'll bet you get it figured out pretty soon! If not, maybe I can send ya some in the mail!

Looking forward to the before AND after pics...

Ozark Momma said...

I think I've got a plan for something smallish HJ...but thanks!

Oh and don't worry, once I'm happy with the after...I'll share. lol

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