Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tonight's Thoughts

Nothing profound, nothing that will be entertaining (maybe, I really tend to not think these posts through to the end...call it a character flaw).

Tonight will be a long night. I got a good 5 hour sleep last night and a three hour nap with the screamers today...my body is running on a full night's sleep and is totally keyed up. Brain is always that way...nothing new there. So tonight I am entertaining myself with watching 'The Stand' while working on some writing and reading 'Twilight' for the third (or more...lost count) time. Yes, pretty much all at the same time.

Movie running in the background. Essay and book pulled up on the computer screen, research windows running right along with them. Book in my lap, glass of wine sitting on the table and the last of the smokes lined up.

The last of the smokes...that's a phrase I just didn't think I'd be saying or writing anytime soon. But that lovely new tax is scheduled to take effect on the first of April, so now seems to be as good a time as any to give quitting for good a go. It's possible...I've seen it done, heard rumors of it, even experienced a minor quitting session while in Basic. This time has got to be permanent though. Can't afford them especially when they will be jumping from $1.29 (plus tax) to over $3 (plus more tax). Seems to be the time, I say, so why not.

Besides, it'll help with that running thing I've been doing. I figure it can't hurt to be able to do a nice steady run for 3+ miles with a loaded pack on...don't ask...I'm nowhere near that yet. Knocking off the smokes should help with that, 'course temps that don't ride a roller coaster through the week would help too. I'm pert near tired of nice and warm mid-week with frigid weekends. It's getting entirely to predictable and I am not a predictable kinda girl. Gimme something better, surprise me with a warm streak that lasts more than a day...huh, can ya, please?

At least the minor peeks at spring have bolstered me a bit. All the more resolved to drop the extra pounds and spend hours in the tent this year...with or without the spouse. Which seems to be a sticky point with my lady friends. They seem to think that me, goin' on a walkabout all by my lonesome is not a good idea. Now, I'm not afraid/worried/scared of it...I look forward to it. I hold the philosophy (and I'm sure that it'll be called 'stupid') that I'm going to die someday...it can't be stopped or prevented...I've done a lot of dumb things in my life (car surfing, playing with baby copperheads, getting married...no, not all at once though that would have been a rocking wedding), just chalk this one up as one more. I highly doubt that my hiking a well traveled trail in the middle of tourist season and sleeping out ONE freakin' night is going to be the death of me. However, if it is...then so be it. I'm more concerned about the plane crashing or being hit head on by another driver while I'm cruising to Canada.

Alas, I am the freak of nature around here for many reasons. My insistence at a vacation by myself just amplifies it. Oh well...the freak of nature thinks it's time to get busy doing nothing...ya'll have a good night...ya hear?


HermitJim said...

Doesn't sound like a freak of nature to me...rather a strong woman that knows what she wants, and is willing to work towards that end.

Sounds like a pioneer woman mindset to me! I love it!

Mayberry said...

$1.29??!!! SHEEEE-it, Marlboros been over 4 bucks 'round here for years! The el-cheapo ciggys are 3 bucks..... I smoke Swisher Sweets little cigars (buy one, get one free for $2.89). The congress critters in Texas wern't dumb enough to slap extra taxes on their cigars....

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke