Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cool...Technology Fun

See that...right there, on the right. That new little gadget hanging out over there with the mushrooms on it. That is called a pingbox. From that pingbox, you can chat with me any old time you want (if it says you can that is). Now ain't that just spiffy!?!

Of course, I would add it to the blog on a day that I'm going to be out and about. You'll have to catch me later on...after I've had my brain mushified by chatting with one who has no real opinions of their own (you got it...sewing day). Sigh.

Guess I better get...gotta shower AND get the screamers ready...may hang around for a minute or two and read the headlines...yeah, that's it. It's not procrastination if I'm doing something semi-productive to waste time, right?

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