Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feeling Contraversial Today

so I'm going get opinionated on ya! Likely you won't like some of it, but tough...it's my blog after all (seems I've said that before). I'll link ya to the article, you go look at it if you want, then I'll drop my bomb of an opinion on ya.

Really? Really? I can support this to a point...make the 17 year olds (and under) get a prescription. Seriously. Make them HAVE to go to their parents/doctors/guardians that way the 'adults' have to pay attention to the situation. Will it stop teen pregnancy? Uh, no...have you MET a teenager? Massive bundles of hormones, if you can't remember what it was like. Sex on the brain, hormones rushing through the body, mind unaccustomed to rational thought, no concept of consequences...remember? Now, I'm not saying that bringing in the 'adults' will stop them from having sex, but if the 'adults' would actually pay attention (not likely) to what is going on and the fact that the 'child' is asking for the morning after pill...well, maybe a bell will go off somewhere with a few 'adults' and they will have a real conversation with their 'child' about sex, responsibility and repercussions. I know, wishful thinking.

(Oh, let's not get into the 'moral' discussion on the whole plan B thing...your morals and mine are likely to be at massive odds and I must limit my logical arguments to Thursdays only...we can pick it up then if you REALLY want to.)

And now on to this...Scary.
Simply scary...not really much else to say since we all know that I'm not a fan of total government control. And this is control in the most public sense of the word...yeah, glad the actual bank account is sitting at nada right now.

Finally, this...not that I'm a big fan of spending money you don't have, but really...with ALL the technology we have and ALL the volcanoes/fault lines/general earth science coolness out there to be studied...why did this moron even gripe? Oh, I see...it's Bobby Jindal.

Comment away...I'll be here all day...may not answer ya, but I'll be here for the laughs all the same!!


Cliff said...

Good Morning!
I actually read your post yesterday and was feeling a little confrontational so I waited until today to respond a little bit to your post.
Plan B? Put it on the aisle with the condoms and spermicidal foam. Don't make a 17 year old talk to their parents or anyone else. Just let them have it. From my experience most 16 or 17 year old "kids" don't have a support system at home. Both parents are working or have their ass parked in front of the TV. Why should the sexually active teen have to "ask for permission" for something they know they need. I know as a young man, back in the 1950s and 1960s condoms were "behind the counter" and it was tough to ask for them, especially when you are going steady with the pharmacist daughter, but there were other places to get them (i.e. service station bathrooms, friends stealing them from their parents, etc.). So if the 17 year old is going to have to get parental permission they'll just go around the curve, get an 18 year old friend to get the pill for them and away we go.
Abstinence doesn't work, the plan B pill does, so lets make it available.
I don't want to dance with the treasury department today since I can't put rational thoughts together at this point on that subject.
Volcano monitoring? Spending money for that? The ground shakes, then lava or ash comes out. You don't need a whole lot of experts to tell you that is coming. What use was their report 6 months ago that the volcano in Alaska might erupt. Nobody did anything different. No one lives in the path of potential lava flow. Good money after bad, shut them down.
While I'm on the shut them down thing, saw a news article on NASA and the money they are spending to go back to the moon and then on to Mars. What the hell are they thinking? They are going to retire the shuttles soon. Great track record with those, only had 2 blow up and kill the crew so far. What the heck is the use in spending millions for a few people to circle the earth and dodge space debris that we put up there in the first place.
Our problems have to do with this planet. Spend that money on mapping the oceans. Find alternative food and energy sources.
Sigh, so much wrong, so much to bitch about, so few to listen.
Thanks for what you are doing.
Cliff in Douglasville

Mayberry said...

Preach it Momma! Damn, common sense just oozes from your pores..... We need to clone you, ha ha!

Ozark Momma said...

Cliff~ I do see the point on the plan B...I tend to forget that so many folks just aren't on the same page as me (i.e. I had no fear in buying condoms/spermicide/whatever as a teen...not shy, not me!) and I do know that way too many teens have zero support. As for the rest, hell...they're wasting money on a gazillion other things, why not waste it on something fun? (okay, fun for me, lol)

Mabe~ for heaven sakes...I don't think the world could handle more of me, lol. Besides, the youngest screamer (although male) is pretty darn good copy.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke