Friday, March 13, 2009

If you didn't see it....

here's a bit o' linkage to the Stewart vs Cramer that gave me a good chuckle. Jon Stewart, a pillar of controlled rage, gave it to CNBC's Jim Cramer pretty damn good...loved it. Video embedded in linked page, be sure to watch 'cause Cramer just can't make a defense...seriously. A wake up for the sheeple as to how much they rely on 'news' channels...mayhap, mayhap not. Probably just another pissing point to them. I'm too tired to be properly outraged over the stupidity, I'll leave that to others.

I'm worn the f**k out...sore, beat down, exhausted...add in any number of adjectives here. Why, you ask (or maybe you don't...I don't care, my blog)? Well, 'cause part of the getting back into shape is naturally working out. Don't have a farm or land to work, don't have livestock to chase after (the screamers, I am told, do not count as livestock) or any other number of things that some get to do daily that help them stay in shape...I'm one of those poor, dumb saps that works out with 'exercise'. I know what you're thinking, Ozark Momma jumping around the townhouse with some perky bleach blonde preaching the miracles of aerobic exercise from the boob tube...while that perky blonde is planning her next plastic surgery...well, nope...not really. Ozark Momma don't roll that way.

Instead, I voluntarily get my ass kicked on a daily basis...hard. I sat down and had me a nice think about the time in my life when I was at the peak of physical fitness. Not high school (track and soccer)...nope, it was fresh from my knee injuring stint in Basic Training. Even with that career ending injury, I was in fantastic shape. Why? 'Cause I got my ass kicked on a daily basis...crutches or no. I had to find something that would keep me motivated to get that kickin' here in the civilian world.

I hurts...I cry when it's time for the ab workout but I push through...I spend the day agonizing over the workout for that night, but I anticipate it with a mix of perverse curiosity and joy. I am apparently a masochist. I am an X' in've seen the infomercials, I'm sure...if not, google it. I love it, even if I have to roll (literally) out of bed in the morning...seem to remember that first couple of weeks in Basic being the same way too. Only thing I don't have is a Drill (Benovitz, Vinson, Davis, Kummer...all of the wonderful men and women I despised for weeks) to keep my ass moving all day long. That is why I know I'm sore and one keeping me on my toes and moving so I don't have time to think about it...sigh, those were the days folks. 'Course nostalgia does color things a different shade a bit, but I don't forget the physical stuff.

That peak condition is what I'm striving for...unfortunately I'm not running everywhere, dropping and doing push ups when someone else screws up, kicking flutter kicks 'cause the platoon leader made a misstep...I'm restricted to playing mommy during the day and getting my ass kicked by Tony Horton at night. I'll deal with it, eventually the sore will fade and the exhaustion will dissipate...but more importantly, the fat will be going and the abs will be back (wow...real abs...I know they're there under the fat...I can f'ing feel them hurting right now!) and the stamina will be knocked up enough that I might just be able to run 5k easily...and being able to do that is the goal for July. Then I'll work on RUNNING that 5k with a fully loaded steps.


MeadowLark said...

I LOVE P90x. It works. Good choice!!!!!

Um, except I took the winter off and my flab is reappearing. :(

Husband and I loved to hate Tony together!

Ozark Momma said...

I have to LMBO at that MeadowLark...the spouse and I are loving to hate Tony together too! I'm running a couple of days behind him in the workouts AND he has a massive head start in the weight loss department (ahem...48lbs since Jan 1st...he's halfway to his goal) but I am way, way better at the Yoga X than he is (could be since yoga has always been the backbone of my workout). Plyo kicked my ass last night big time!

MeadowLark said...


And it works.

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