Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adventures in Boxing...

moving style boxing that is.

In the beginning there was a house full of stuff.  Stuff that we didn't think we really used.  Then we began packing and realized that we do indeed use the majority of the stuff (aka kitchen stuff) when we have the room to use it.  Rather, when we have the room to have it accessible for use.  Current kitchen was not designed well and a large chunk of my stuffs was relegated to the spare room, out of sight therefore out of mind and out of use.  For the past 8 months I'd be cooking and think "I know I have (insert implement/device/etc here) that would make this easier" only to not know if it was boxed in the basement or hidden away in the spare room somewhere winning at hide and seek.  I know now.  I'm telling you I simply cannot wait to get into a kitchen that has not only a real pantry but the cabinet space for my stuff.  I real kitchen, not this child-size imitation (seriously I have less than 18" of counter space to work joke).  Excitement!

Other adventures in boxing...we're apparently horrible cat parents that never, ever get the poor unloved cats toys (intense sarcasm).  We've got several boxes pre-taped and setup for packing...I'm forever finding a cat in a box.  There are only two of them but it's like they're tribbles.

Ah well.  Such is life.

Off to do more of the packing thing while the sky is cloudy then once the sun re-appears it is outside to do some yard clean-up and maybe transplanting of the grapevines.

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