Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pantry-style Linkage....

specifically for Red promised!

These are a few of the places I've been looking and watching prices on rice/GF flours...there are mixes available (sort of like self-rising) but I'm just pricing the straight up flours.  There are several recipes on the net for mixing your own as well.

Fine Rice Flour - 50 Pound Bag (affiliate)
AllBulkFoods (list of all flours...GF showed up at the top of the list for me)
BulkFoods (their prices overall seem lower per pound than the others)

There are also co-ops that generally have good prices...the problem for me is that none are active in my area.  If you order, please let me know about your experience...I'll do the same when I order as well!

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Red Hen said...

Thank you so much!! I am mostly using almond and coconut flours right now and I love the links. They are pricey so any help in that area is always welcome!

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