Saturday, April 12, 2014

While I'd Like to Say...

that it's all over (the Bundy thing...see previous post), I have the deep, dark in the back of the mind kind, of thought that it is not.

Found these (I'm entirely too tired tonight to make sure these are super reliable sources...just giving you a springboard for your own research):

Laney Land (ironically around the same time frame as the Bundy blowup)

Federal Land Buy-up (article dated to 2010 but still highly relevant in light of recent events)

Overall, if article #2 is reliable (and given the .gov I'm prone to believe it is) then article #1 and the Bundy brush-up make total sense.  It ain't about turtles and cow poop folks.

And now I'm off to relax from a rough day in the sun, shooting springy pics...but I'll leave you with one of my favorites from today.

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