Monday, April 14, 2014

Unofficial Confirmation...

Unofficial as in I've not been through a battery of blood tests and medical related go....confirmation as in I'm feeling it...bad.

Gluten is NOT my friend.

Today has been so solidly horrible in the gastric department after last night's short love affair with homemade pizza rolls.  They were delicious (oh so delicious)...they are the devil.  After going almost a full two weeks sans gluten, last night's splurge has shown me today exactly what gluten does to me.  It ain't pretty.

So there in lies yet another new obstacle to rebuilding the pantry.  Wheat and any product containing it is out.  Substitutes are in.  And since those substitutes are incredibly hard to find at decent prices locally, I get to turn to the interwebz in full to procure them.  It also means that shopping for long term storage meals just got a lot more interesting.

As much as the Screamers and Tanker loved the Chili Mac from Wise Foods (I did not was lunch for them the day I went and got some gum scraping done); they do not carry gluten-free goods.  There are other companies that do, however, and I will be researching what they carry.    In the meantime, I'll be working on a new pantry stock list.

So tell me....any special dietary issues you're having to deal with in regards to prepping?

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Judy said...

"So tell me....any special dietary issues you're having to deal with in regards to prepping?"

Mine is dairy, not the sugars as 85% of the folks that are allergic to milk but the protein casein. Stuff labeled non-dairy is full of it. I use nut milks for most dairy application. I don't use soy cause I don't like the flavor and nut milks are easier to do from scratch. I just try to leave the cheese alone as I have not found a decent sub.

Have you considered trying the Paleo Diet route? Elana's Pantry uses no grains at all.
If you are still interested in grains Titli Nihaan has the best formula I have found for wheat free flour. and a bread recipe
This recipe does not use xanthan or guar gums which some Celiacs have trouble digesting.

Good luck with your journey to good health!

Red Hen said...

Mine is also gluten and I have always tried to keep a well stocked pantry but, like you, and I trying to figure out how to do that now. I have been (mostly) GF since last August with a few short breaks to see if that really is the culprit. It is. I find one exposure is not an issue. But if I string two or three together over a few days, I end up with some real troubles. I am sorry you are dealing with it but I look forward to reading how you prep with it because it sure has thrown a monkey wrench in mine. Just the cost of ingredients alone means there is hardly anything left to prep with for us.

Judy said...

Red Hen have you looked in Asian markets for the rice flours, tapioca starches and such ingredients? I found it much cheaper than places like Whole Foods or the organic/ethnic section of the local grocery stores.

Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Judy~ We've been experimenting with Paleo/Primal for a little over a month now. The most recent "fun" with gluten issues was brought about by the decision to test the theory that it was indeed the gluten (since we had been GF for a little over a week and I was feeling FANTASTIC.) Lesson learned. I'm feeling considerably better already. Less gassy, less other intestinal issues.

Red Hen~ I've got a couple of online places that I'm going to be ordering rice/almond/coconut/other GF flours from as soon as we're in the new place (less to pack and move). The closest Trader Joe's and Whole Foods to the us now is 1.5 hours away...45 minutes away at the new place; so neither are really cost effective unless I'm already going to be close by anyway. I'll post links to the places I intend on using ASAP...just so you have them!

Red Hen said...

Judy, I am mostly using almond and coconut flours now. I was using others but was gaining weight like crazy after going GF. So I have switched and am trying to follow Trim Healthy Mama since the first of this year (as closely as possible) (did paleo for a little while). Since switching I have lost about 16 lbs in 3 months, but I still have a way to go (was heavy before GF, that just made it worse.) I feel so much better. Stocking my pantry for GF and lower carb/healthy carb is challenging.

Jess, I am like you in that Trader Joes and Whole Foods are so far away that I either have to be going for a HUGE amount or just driving by for it to be worth it.

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