Monday, April 7, 2014


we are much as possible considering there is still a long stretch of 7 weeks or so before moving day.

Full, labeled, taped boxes are stuffed into a corner in the living room and the youngest screamer's ex-room is full up.  Spare room is pert near empty (it was our pantry/storage/crafting area) and everything is off the walls.  Nail/screw holes filled.  All that is left is to paint, pack up the few remaining necessities then load everything onto a truck and clean up.

This is going to be the longest 7 weeks.

Ah the trials of being married to an OCD "get it done ASAP" kind of guy.  Me, I would have waited until May to even start.  Him, he's been sneakily packing since we decided/understood that a move was going to have to happen (ahem...end of January, beginning of February).  I detest packing; he revels in it.  Consider us opposing magnets.  But it's done (mostly) and we wait.

In the wait time, we have been taking stock and making plans.  Considering we will be doubling our household square footage, we are shy on furniture.  So the deal is I get to yardsale for furniture that I can go all re-finishing crafty on...and that we will build what we know we can't afford to buy finished.  There are plans saved and dog-eared in magazines (only with plans attached) of large dining tables (our 4 seater will be woefully pitiful in the incredibly large dining room), bookcases, storage shelves and more.

The yard/garden area takes considerably more planning as I want it to be functional AND gorgeous.  A place that I can grow a "hidden" food garden while still being able to entertain family and friends.  A spot for us, the screamers and the dogs to frolic (I really don't frolic but ya know) and relax.  But also a place that will grow as much of our fruit and veg for the table as possible.  The ideas are there in my's the translating to paper then yard that is a little more tricky when I'm not actually there looking at it yet.

Plus, the majority of planting opportunities for the year will be past by the time we're down there.  Trees can go in this fall and some late summer/fall crops.  But other than that, we're kinda stuck waiting for next spring.

We've gotten pretty good at waiting.

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