Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break....

and we're in ill broke (money broke too but that's a different story).

Tanker gave me snot at some point last has quickly spread through the house to the screamers.  Yay...spring break!

Regardless, this week's weather is supposed to be pretty nice so I'll be out and about...transplanting kiwi vines into larger containers, doing the same with the grapes (hoping that the shallow pots they lived in this winter didn't kill the roots) and blackberries.  Everybody will get a few days to settle into their new homes before getting haircuts.  Nobody but the kiwi have buds yet, so still dormant enough to hopefully handle the stress.  If not, I suppose I can get more later. 

I've not started any seeds (don't want to move seedlings anyway) so we'll be hitting up the local nurseries once we've settled further south for a few tomato plants and whatever else we may desire.  Not likely to be much as the farmer's market is 4 blocks from the house and will be my go to shopping spot for the bulk, of course, so canning can commence.

The rest of the break around here will be filled with boxes and paper.  Not scheduled to move until June 1st, but everyone knows how quickly something like that sneaks up on a person.  

Now I'm off to load up on fluids and meds in hopes of a headache free day.

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