Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Slight Political Rant, A Bit of Doom

Feel free to disregard this post...this is MY rant on politics and the choices we have. I don't care for "well do something about it" comments, why? Because I made my choice and now my choice is moot. I vote. I get to gripe. So here goes.

We have no choice this fall. No choice for actual progress. No choice for something more stable. This is not what bothers me. What bothers me are the choices we do have. A hard-nosed revenge seeker and an inexperienced buffoon. Not very promising, now is it?

I can give Mc one know where he stands most of the time. He is transparent to a fault. Outspoken, blunt and on occasion he even cracks me up with his ideals. Doesn't win my vote, but he at least makes me laugh. His need for revenge is frightening in a way that GW could only dream of.

Obama on the other hand does not make me laugh, has zero experience (no, his previous roles are not experience, not when he has been campaigning instead of working), sidesteps everything, promotes change but can't say WHAT he wants to change, panders to the fears of every class of Americans, provides no real solutions or answers. O is a man that the big guys love, pour into him your ideals and they become his. Nice suit, where's the man that belongs inside?

Why the rant? Because I feel as if my hands are tied. I don't even feel that there is a lesser evil to vote for this time, which is sad. The upside of this is that the lack of choices in this arena has spurred me forward in a way that I can control. No, I'm not a control freak...just ask hubby. It's amazing with our laid back styles that anything is ever agreed upon or even gets accomplished. Once again, our mindset is very much the same in regards to the upcoming election.

We have both started gettin' down to business with insuring our and our children's futures in the best way we know how. We are not rich nor are we even well off. We are a working class family that is living paycheck to paycheck while still trying to find a way to survive the coming flood. We are instilling in our boys a sense of duty, honesty, hard work and frugality. Not that we weren't already doing it, the difference is with our prepping they actually SEE the fruits of their labors. We are putting by, saving up...what ever you want to call it...for times when things get tough. Times are tough now. This is just the beginning. Really, it is.

I am not by nature a "doom sayer", I'm an upbeat kinda gal that loves to live life to the fullest. The choices of the future however have made me look at things quite differently. Regardless of who wins, we are in doo-doo. A spiraling economy, housing bust, impending wars on top of the ones we already have our noses in (if you think not, you live in a hole)...America of the last century is becoming obsolete. We no longer command the respect of the world at large, we are seen as meddlesome and weakening. The man that wins the election in November is in for a rude awakening when he takes the oath of office. It won't matter what his campaign promises were or what his plans are. This hole is so damned deep that only the bottom falling out will bring us back up.

It's sad to say that the bottom falling out is the most likely scenario. Fast or slow, it's going to happen. Will we as a country be better for it, maybe. Sometimes you have to tear something down to the foundation to bring it back up right. Do I look forward to this? Not on your life. But I'm doing my best to imagine the worst and prepare for it the best I can. Are you?

~I promise, I will get back to prepping posts soon. Beware, there is another ladies only post coming've been warned.~


Tracy said...

"I vote. I get to gripe."

I don't vote, but I get to gripe anyway. My right to free speech isn't contingent on playing that losing game.

Ozark Momma said...

While I agree with you Tracy, I find it easier to avoid the whole "well if you don't vote" bull right off the bat with stating that I do vote. Many people feel that way, most of my family in fact. However I firmly believe in the right to free speech...could be from years of being told to "shut up"...I dunno.

But then again, perhaps you just wanted to raise my ire and tell me that you get to bitch regardless and my statement was offensive to you in the sense that I might be saying you don't get to gripe if you don't vote. In that case, so what? Ah, gotta love free speech! Practice it while you can. ;P

Why do I get the feeling I just fed a troll>

Stephanie in AR said...

My dh's family never votes and always has a decided opinion. We stay away from politics when we can & raised the kids with this: If you want to gripe about things in general - difficulty paying bills, expenses, general economic schools, whatever fine we'll talk about how to...BUT if you want to gripe about a candidate/party *always* whatever, then you should at least have a voter's card. I look at it as how hard have you studied this issues/candidates if you can't take a few minutes to fill out a form. My thoughts fwiw

Ozark Momma said...

A smart way to look at it Stephanie. I've always looked at it as a right, plain and simple. If that right isn't excised it gets taken away. The system is flawed anyway as the populace votes don't carry as much weight as the electorial do...but it is still my right.

Ozark Momma...who is a card carrying voter since '95 (showing my age there!)

Mayberry said...

You and I are of the exact same mind set. But here's what I'm gonna do.... I'm gonna vote for Bob Barr, for what it's worth. Puppets A and B are not worthy of my vote. I'm not exactly thrilled with Barr either, but at least I'll not be pulling the lever for the corporate minions.... Just keep prepping, just keep prepping : ) And smile because you know your family will pull through.

Sena said...

I'd imagine you're touching more than a few sympathetic minds on this issue. Personally I find Obama the lesser of the two evils -- he can't be more inexperienced than a failed oil-corp CEO that did a stint as governor in a state that doesn't require much action from that office that's finally on his way out (knock on wood).

Otherwise, I've tossed in some support towards the Campaign for Liberty (Ron Paul's thing) and will be attending the Rally. Might be already shut out of this election cycle, but at least I can help it get enough media attention to embarass the DNC/RNC attempts at bread-tossing at the circus maximus.

Wildflower said...

I feel as if our hands are tied. I think the (s)election process is a sham, and the American people have little real input.

Obama is the lesser two evils, (a clear image of McCain is called his wife a cunt in front of reporters! It shows he has little self discipline if nothing else).

I probably would have voted for Ron Paul if he'd gotten that far. It's interesting that while he was the pick for supremacists, some black activists were actually running e-mail campaigns for Paul because he backs the constitution, is against welfare (an enemy and destroyer of the black community and family) and would institute real change.

Of course, they didn't let Paul get far.

Ozark Momma said...

I don't think I'll know which direction my vote will be cast until I get in that booth and see the ballot, this go around. It bothers me too.

FWIW, I've actually read where all the candidates stand (via print for the public, not that it will hold in office...I'm not that naive) on issues. Heck, I've even looked at the Constitutional Party and felt a bit swayed though I'm a Pro-Choicer (not a debate for here). There is that appealing idea of actually using the Constitution for what it was meant to be used for instead of watering it down with a bunch of bull that benefits only a few instead of the many (hello nod to Star Trek).

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke