Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I need NO permit to protest!

Larry Hales with the activist group Recreate 68 said his group did nothing wrong Monday and had a permit for the Civic Center gathering when police closed in and created havoc.Denver Post Original Article

The blogosphere is abuzz with the news of the approximately 100 protesters pepper sprayed and arrested in Denver. In reading the linked article, the above statement took my breath a bit. A permit to protest? Is that not part of free speech, the protesting? Why, pray tell, do I NEED a permit to exercise one of my most basic rights as a United States citizen? This goes for owning a firearm as well, btw.

So here, I lay out my protest...permit free.

I detest that large corporations donating huge amounts of money to corrupt politicians are making decisions as to how my life should be handled. It grates on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard that the religious right believes that they should have a say in who should get birth control and why. I get hives thinking that some putz in DC thinks that he needs to be the one to decide whether or not I can own a bit of armed protection. I drives me completely insane to have someone tell me that "meat is murder" and the like (excuse me, but I am an omnivore...humans WERE designed that way....mmmmm beef, chicken, pork). I get up in arms over bull the likes of which we have and are seeing in Denver just for speaking your mind...you know my thoughts (see above) on the "designated" protest areas and freakin' permits required.

How about this (insert any given donating entity to "the cause")? You control the things in YOUR life that you want controlled and leave my life out of this. I personally don't enjoy living in a serfdom, being told when to do what and why by those that own more than myself. Especially not when I am supposed to be living in America, land of the FREE.

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