Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Confessions

I have been putting off a lot of fall/winter preps. Mainly things like knits for the screamers and myself, clothing for the screamers and reorganizing the pantry/stores to see what's missing. I think it's because of the, the heat isn't bad at all...I just have the prepping blahs. I know that we have plenty of food stuffs to get us through so I don't really worry about it. This doesn't go to say I've stopped prepping though.

I haven't done near as much canning this year as I would have liked, as my mother took over the entire garden (with the exception of my eggplants). Which is fine by me, she has more time on her hands than I do. Let her can to her hearts content, I say. It actually leaves me time to work on research for our little slice of hopefully heaven.

Planning for the homestead has been a true eyeopener, there are just way more choices to research than you would imagine at first glance. Of course, if you are an experienced, grizzled 'steader you know this already. I've not had a place to actually put in my own garden or have my own chickens in over two years, even then it was a rental that was on-grid and we would have never considered going off. The research on solar options alone has at times made me simply walk away from the computer, head shaking. Decisions, decisions.

We are still up in the air as to how big we want to build. Hubby would "like" to get a loan using our land as a, nope. He does realize that now is really not the time to be dabbling in the loan arena, something that I'm grateful for. Our talk recently has turned to the possibility of him being recalled to serve...that would put a massive dent in our planning, should it happen. Highly unlikely though as his particular MOS is quite popular now. Good thing as I don't particularly feel like doing all the planning and such alone. I could, but would prefer not to.

In the meantime, research and planning continue. I spend my computer time mostly researching heirloom seeds, poultry, floor plans, alternative energy sources, equiptment rental rates, homeschooling stuff, storage/food supply lists and recipes...the list goes on. Not only for my own sake, but for information on writing for here as well. As I learn, I share.

Of course, I've gotten into the habit of only sharing here as most of you are of the same mindset. No use blathering on to family that think I'm a bit touched. Only my sister understands, which is hilarious since we didn't really like each other much until about 10 years ago (it was the age difference...had to be). She feels much the same way as I do, only our political views don't match one bit. Once again, I am the weirdo in the family...what with my odd lifestyle and political choices. I've gotten used to the has not. What a surprise they will all have this Christmas when they realize their gifts are all prep related. Should be interesting!

I will be MIA for a couple of sitting at the parents while they traipse off to a cousin's wedding. We are saving money, so won't be going...therefore I was volunteered to keep the four-legged siblings. Go figure. At least I will actually be able to get in the garden without mother staring over my shoulder to see what I'm getting. Finally, a chance to get some of the fruits of my labor!!

Have a swimmingly fun weekend all...think of me as I climb the plum tree!

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Stephanie in AR said...

Enjoy the break. I've been reading through the Journey to Forever site for ideas and recommendations.

click the small farms link on the sidebar. There are some good ideas as their goals mesh nicely with prepping & homesteading. It seems that half to three-fourths of their library is free materials. Some of the animal recommendations are $$ for the US but their reasoning can be applied to other animals. See what you think.

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