Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Food Storage Programs/Calculators

I've been doing some searching and playing with all those wonderful programs out there...free trials, free...you name it. While I always abide by the hand-written method of keeping track of stores, I realize that a computerized version is easier to delve into as a beginner than doing some hard work by hand. I am sure I missed a few, but I do have a jumping off point for you at least.

First, there are calculators. These tell you what you need based on family size and ages of members. All relate back to one main one: The LDS calculator which covers the basics of your food needs for whatever length of time you punch in.

Here are a couple more (pretty much the same as above):

Chef Noah (also has some good tips on food storage, emergencies and such)

Those will get you started at least on the path to answering "what do I store?"

Now on to my most favorite...the programs for download that do everything but wipe your rear. As an instant gratification kinda gal, these were fun to play with AND they showed me a few things to stock up on that I didn't really think of, where I can fill in to round out what I already have and what I've spent (like I REALLY want to know that).

The LDS Home Storage Program (free trial for 15 uses, cost of $24.95 to register for keeps) has all kinds of super cool goodies, including a home inventory list with purchase prices for insurance usage, budgeting and loan calculators and more. I did have some trouble getting the actual food storage bit to work with me, could be because it is only the trial version. This is not the one I chose to keep for my own usage though because, well I'm cheap.

I like the Deyo Storage Program. It's free, it's a spreadsheet, it does all the calculations for you OR you can punch in your own numbers. Did I mention it's free? Oh and it's the one that lets you keep track of what you've spent (I ignore that column completely btw). Not only does it have info sections on food, it covers things like pet supplies, meds, batteries and more. Plus it has standard shelf life listings on just about everything. Can you tell I love it? I forgot...It has a storage calculator built in...what a time saver!

Revelar is apparently a popular one to use, I have tested this one and it is nice..complete with a recipe section and a bit that takes what you've used out of your storage listing. I just can't get past the pricing...free always works better with a budget this small.

So if you've been looking for something computerized to help you along with your food storage inventory, check these out. But as always, keep yourself a nice hand-written inventory in a notebook. Preferably somewhere you can find it and the kids can't...did I mention my oldest LOVES to draw?


Mayberry said...

Wow, those are really cool. And they show me how woefully short I am on EVERYTHING!!!!

Ozark Momma said...

Same here Mayberry, same here. I knew I wasn't as close as I would like to be, but having those numbers RIGHT in my face...man.

I think next month's shopping is going to be a real test of stretching the dollar to bring in the preps, lol.

Jodi said...

I LOVE trackmyfoodstorage.com and the free version contains everything you could really want or need. I've never heard of some of the ones you mentioned here though. I am definitely going to check them out!

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