Sunday, August 10, 2008

An eye-opening Sunday

Now I know where the holes are, for the most part, in the preps for bugging out. We played a game of bug out today and they were glaring, gaping holes. Stupid things, really stupid things, that I should have paid closer attention to.

Thing #1...the wee screamers greatly object to being rushed out the door. They enjoy taking their sweet time gathering things that they deem necessary to life. Crayons, toys, a recently favorite stuffed animal. Keep in mind I have crayons, toys and other things in their BOB's...apparently not the correct ones though. Mental note: either know where these seemingly vitally important items are or be prepared to tranquilize the children.

Thing #2 (the BIG stupid)...there is ONE way out of the area we live in that is paved. Once you get past the gates there are two road options. One short and directly into town, the other a bit longer and comes to the main road just west of town (the direction in which our land lies). Should the road be blocked before or at the gate, we are SOL...don't think the van will be all that good for off-roading. Has anyone taken a Voyager off-road? Let me know how it did, would ya? I have now resigned myself with familiarizing myself with the many, many ATV trails that criss cross through here. Lazy afternoon walks will now be a mental mapping session to find alternate routes.

Thing #3...DH is not as close to being a prepper as I am. The phrase "why couldn't we just go to your parents?" came up several times. After phrase repeat #6 I simply told him to shut up...not nice, I know. But you can only explain so many times that the parents live 8 miles in the opposite direction of our land...that they would probably end up trying to get to us anyway...that even though they live back off the road, every road that leads to them with the exception of their drive is paved...that their neighbors have a very large family that would all be trying to get to them and that amount of traffic is bound to attract attention. Oh, let's not forget the morons that live at the top of the hill that cause, with their ever present ignorance, the road to get washed out at every little rainstorm. Yep, the parents house is not the best of ideas. I think he figured that out finally. But he still isn't here yet, not right here. Not thinking about the entire thing. He's quite happy to go on planning the off-grid house we hope to start on next spring (provided we aren't all glowing by then) while I go on planning how to make it in much less hospitable conditions.

~~~~Warning: the section below is full of nonsense, questions and just random thoughts that my tired brain has decided to regurgitate onto the screen.~~~~

Some day, that man will be right here...right where I'm at. Probably not until he absolutely has to be, but he'll be here eventually. I'll admit, I'm not all prepper...I still like my lazy dinners of ringing up the chinese restaurant on occassion, but darn it I could do without if I had to. Besides, I know how to make crab ragoon so it will be all good, as long as I can find some crab here in MO.

I'll also admit, I've never in my life fired an actual shotgun. M16, 9mm, muzzleloader rifle and pistol, compound bow...yes. Shotgun, no. So, the hubby has given me a task...clean and blue his 1912 shotgun (I'll get the actual info on it tomorrow night...can't remember exactly right now) that his grandfather gave him and he will "teach" me to shoot it. Does this make me a bad survivalist...that I've never fired a shotgun? I sure hope not, lol...'cause I don't know where I can get an M16 and I would think that they'd do a bit of damage to a deer...wouldn't they?


Wildflower said...

I sure hope there's no such thing as a bad survivalist. I never fired a gun either! Take that back, an old boyfriend took me out when I was seventeen and taught me to fire one of his handguns. Yes, that was time out of mind ago.

I have hundreds of pounds of food stores and the basic supplies. Nobody would guess. I definitely don't fit the survivalist profile!

Love your blog

Staying Alive said...

You ain't never fired a shotgun? Well, you are in for one helluva surprise. They kick like one of those Missouri Mules that are talked about. The Handmaiden won't even look at my 12 gauge shotguns. And I will let her shoot them any time she wishes. If you are given to wanting a scattergun then I would suggest a 410 or maybe a 28 gauge. You could work your way up to a 20 gauge eventually, maybe.

But good luck and keep prepping. Your pronouncements on prepping for kids are wonderful and much needed.

Keep up the good work.


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