Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Like it Or Not

Tonight you were witness to history in the making. Whether or not you watched or even cared, history was made when Barack Obama was chosen as the Democratic Nominee for president. You are going to hear that a lot over the next few months, btw.

Lest you not forget that there is a world outside the current presidential race, a few tidbits of history are in the news:

A Katrina Repeat in the Making?
Prodding the Bear some more and even more (btw, this bothers me more than just about anything going on other than our "candidates"...can't put my finger on why exactly)
Don't count North Korea out of the game

These are history in the making as well. Particularly, I believe, the Bear. Baiting the Bear is unwise, but it is being done none the less. Where does that leave us regular ol' folks just trying to get by and put by a little for the morrow?

Wondering if the morrow will come sooner than we think, at least that is where I am at. Mid-week inventory (I do a quick overall on Wednesdays and Saturdays to see where I stand with everyday things) turned up alright this week. Thankfully next week is shopping, not that we are close to starving, just that I need to pick up some canned meats (tuna, chicken, etc) to round out the stores enough that I feel totally confident in being able to make it by. I've been debating on picking up some dehydrated meats that I've seen...not the jerky you nuts (though I will be getting more of that) but the crumbled beef. I've not tried it yet, so if I decide to get some it will only be a package or two. I simply do not stock things that we won't eat, so trial runs are short and sweet here.

Topic change! I am doing a bit of shopping for a bow...for me, of course. Thinking of asking the in-laws to get the eldest screamer one for Christmas/birthday this year as well. I'm open to suggestions as I've not bow hunted in a while. I'm thinking compound naturally, but am willing to check out recommendations ya know.

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