Saturday, August 16, 2008

Aborted Break and Puppy Panderings

I love my parents, really I do....but my four-legged siblings are not my best of friends. I have serious issues with the mini-dach that weighs 25lbs (btw, that is what my 2yr old weighs...snort, mini) and her constant need for food. So I abandoned my folks' house in favor of home. Now don't fret, the creatures are fine and will be checked again in the morning. So I am here, comfortable in front of my 'puter, with no little yippy dog to impede my thought process. Relief!

I know that the above may paint me as a dog hater...I am so not. In fact, we are only dogless at the moment because our landlord IS a dog hater. However, as time draws closer for us to leave, we have started our research on a four-legged friend. I would love, love to have a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but the $1500 price tag makes that a no-go. So, I've come up with a list of dogs that we love. Got one? Let me know how you love your pup!

Great Pyr (no brainer as to why people love them)
Boxer (had one, loved her...lost her. Ready for another if it would be guaranteed to be even half as smart and loving)
Beagle (multi-purpose pup...hunting, running, laze about, player)
Labrador Retriever (another multi-purpose pup)
Ibizan Hound Dog (never owned one and don't know anyone that does...but think that it would fit our family)
Irish Wolfhound (have loved these dogs for years, never could find a reliable breeder)

So as part of my research into not only securing our home via pet with a pet (ie a guard dog that will play with the screamers), I've been doing lots of reading up. But reading doesn't give you everything. I would love opinions on a dog. We're a pretty active family now anyway, so an active dog is not a problem. We would have to have a kid-friendly dog and prefer a breed that is smart (my experience with Cockers for example leads me to believe they tend the other way...and I've had lots of experience). I know what works in a city/urban setting, but we've not had to worry about a good multi-purpose dog that has been used for a purpose other than pet for years. Lay it on me, opine with me. What is your ideal doggie? Yippy dogs not acceptable, lol.


Staying Alive said...

With your screamers I would get a Rat Terrier or maybe a Fox Terrier. Don't get a dog that is big enough to maul a child. Get a dog the kids can play with safely.


The Urban Survivalist said...

I've got a Samoyed. They're big and fluffy. They're smart as hell and very independent. They're great with kids. They were originally bred as a multi purpose dog. You just have to train them to do what you want them to do. They can figure out anything if you work with them. The tricky part is convincing them that it's worth their time to do it when you want them to ;).

Ozark Momma said...

eeewwww, a rat terrier? nope, no way. Had a roomie back in college with one of those little buggers. Almost squashed him a couple of times thinking he was a rodent of some sort. With my wild screamers, we need a dog of substanance...anything smaller than a beagle would be in serious trouble here I fear.

Not saying that the boys are evil animal killers, just that they are boys. Rambunctious, dirt playing, never still for a second boys. Have to have a dog that will hold it's own as an adolescent and adult. I'm afraid that a yipper won't do that. Plus all of my experience with little dogs points them as biters. Mom bred chihuahuas when I was in high school, so I'm pretty familiar with care of tiny dogs and with their defense habits. I want something big, loyal and protective of its pack when needed. Not something that I can kill if I step on it accidentally or that will shred the little screamer's finger should he point it too close.

Wow, that got kinda long winded, eh?

Urban~ Never thought of a Samoyed. I hate having really fluffy dogs in the heat of summer though, especially if they've not really been bred for this enviroment. How does yours fair in the heat?

Tracy said...

Of the breeds you listed, I would have to say Lab. They have a pretty good protective instinct, too. The Great Pyranees is a good dog, but they are really a livestock dog and tend to be aloof towards people, from what I've seen.
Personally, I like the German shepherd; but having no experience, I really don't know how patient one would be towards young children. I guess it would depend upon the individual dog.
I don't think any breed of dog would be more dedicated to, nor more fiercely protective of its people than will a German shepherd.

Ozark Momma said...

My apologies Tracy...kinda sorta figured you for a bit o' a troll in the above.

Thanks for the input. We are seriously, seriously considering either a lab or a boxer I believe. Of course, being the responsible folks we are we'll be checking the local animal shelters for suitable choices first. It is quite unfortunate that we can't adopt right now as there is a fresh litter of beagles and a semi-fresh litter of rotties (had one of those and loved her too...same with our rottie/boxer mix, dang good dog) sitting at the local shelter.

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