Friday, August 8, 2008

Feeling the Panic yet?

With all the lovely things going on the past week or so, are you feeling the panic? The "I have to get (insert whatever you have to get) and I have to get it now" feeling?

Not to drive you into a panic, but below are a few thing to make you think a bit on prepping for your family's survival. Today in the news:

~ The Ruskies got lonely in the "we haven't started a war in a while" camp and naturally the US has to go giving orders.
~ Might be time to find a new Paki friend for Bush
~ Freddie and Fannie, an economic fundraiser paid for by YOU
~ More refunds
~ The Anti-Christ is born...just kidding, that will be my nephew's title

With the exception of the last one, the rest give me the willies. Okay, maybe the last one does too but not for the same reasons. The rest have made me get to eyeing the pantry preps and such. I find that we are good on everything but meats for about 6 months if we stay in place (if it is possible). If we have to BO, well...we'll be packing the vehicle full of food stuffs first. If we have the time.

So tonight is revise the plan night. Tonight is sit down, make a list of the most probable scenarios we'd be dealing with and find solutions/actions that will work for us. Now, I've done this with things like weather/storm related issues, fire, chem spills and other things that wouldn't neccessarily require we be gone for an extended period (aka a week or more). We're good there.

The issues I'm working on tonight are more along the lines of quick BO's to "the place" and what we would be able to toss in the vehicle in a matter of minutes. There is already a tote in there with a few days worth of easy, non-perishable foods, water, clothing, blankets and the like. The three season tent and personal BOB's are set up in an easy access location for grabbing on the way out the door.

So for my own mental access, I'll pop down a list of things I'm going to be adding to the vehicle tomorrow morning:

~ camp stove and fuel (not sure about the fuel...have to think on that)
~ basic camp cooking supplies (cook pot, plates, utensils)
~ the 5 gallon solar shower (not a need but will be good for carrying extra water if needed)
~ Extra couple of gallons of water

Not much...just making it look like we are always ready to go camping. Yeah, that's it. Camping. Nothing to see here, move on along.


Mayberry said...

The fuel will be ok in the car as long as you don't leave it roasting in the sun for any length of time. The bottles (propane, right?) have a pressure relief valve built into them, which if it goes off, will fill the car with propane gas. Not good. But I've dealt with these bottles most of my life in the Texas sun and heat, and have yet to have one pop off on me. Keep 'em shaded and you're good to go.

flea said...

Be careful with propane especially moving it from a hot storage area to an air conditioned vehicle...because they "could" go boom. I have a friend with the burn scars to prove it.

Anyhow welcome to the blogosphere.


Staying Alive said...

I enjoyed your blog very much. You have a very good sense of humor. I heard about you from Mayberry but now I have you bookmarked on my reading list for the beginning of each day. I gotta have my survival fix in the morning!

Write often, even if it is not a lot.


riverwalker said...

Be cautious in the use and storage of any flammable items!


Ozark Momma said...

Thanks for the caution you lot!! Heck, we don't even have a propane stove yet (oh, the profanity!) but I'll keep all that on tap.

"Air conditioned car"? What is this thing you speak of flea? By golly, I seem to remember having one of those. Yes, kept me cool with the windows up!! I remember! roflmao No a/c in the car here...costs too darn much to get it fixed, besides I like the wind in my hair!

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