Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here Chickie, Chickie...

and it begins!!

Most of the stuff is moved over to the new place, with the exception of the kitchen and couch.  I'm trying to temper Tanker on taking it all as we've yet to get the fundage together for a full on utility switch over.  Deposits on the electric alone are going to run close to $300, then figure in propane at $1.69 gallon with a minimum order of 100 gallons...ouch.

But he's set on being out of here and off post ASAP.  Wants to have everything out at the 'Stead by the time he takes leave next month.  I don't really disagree; but there is that whole not having electric and gas thing which could present a little bit of an issue.  As it is, I've been neglectful in assisting Tanker with packing...the kitchen is my job (le sigh) and I've been informed that I should be getting started on it.

Sooooo, as a little self-motivation, I've struck a deal with an acquaintance that will result in my being the proud owner of 25 (yes, 25) three week old chicks by the end of next week.  Can't really have them here on post (boy wouldn't that be a hilarious explanation to the MP next door) and can't leave them unattended at the new place, so I shall get to cracking at what must be done in an effort to at least have 98% of the apartment relocated to the house.

That adventure begins Thursday, as tomorrow I go to finagle with some financial types in the hopes of obtaining a (oh good gravy) short term loan (no, not payday type) in an effort to speed along this dog, cat and chicken show.  It'll mean me having to hold on to the job until at least early December (unless by some miracle of any deity Tanker gets a percentage back from the VA before then...please, please, please) to be sure said loan is a goner before the new year.  So if you pray, pray...if you send positive thoughts/vibes, send 'em...I'm sure going to need them over the next little bit.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Ain't moving grand? Vibes, thoughts, etc. beaming your way.

HermitJim said...

I have a feeling that something good is headed your way!

You are overdue for a big chunk of good tidings, I think!

Stay positive, my friend!

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