Monday, August 13, 2012

Downright Giddy...

keys to the new place will (or should) be in hand by next weekend...plans are to move stuff from here to there a little at a time over the month of September (between my work and all the school stuff) and be in place full time before the end of the month.

For those wondering, we're staying in the area...just buying a little place about 25 minutes from post.  Tanker will commute in everyday, I'll commute in for classes twice a week.  I'll be dropping the McD's gig around the end of September (if not sooner) due to having to start clinical hours and the drive to work (45 minutes) not being worth the pay or hours...not with gas prices on the rise.

Tanker is beyond thrilled...we spent two hours walking around Lowe's this evening and he's chomping at the bit to hit up the local farm good stores and do some pricing on stuff.  Plus there's all the garden planning he's been doing.  Nothing is solid with any of it, of course, as we've still got to test the soil and decide where what will go and when...but the whole dreaming and planning thing is doing him some good.

And now I'm off to catch some sleep...interview tomorrow that if it pans out will give me an early exit from the world of fast food!  Fingers crossed!!

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