Saturday, August 18, 2012

Possible Interesting Development...

at work the other night...sort of got approached by a manager about taking up a management position.  I didn't say no, I also didn't say yes.  Management at a fast food chain has never really been in my plans...let's face it though, going back to work at McD's after leaving it 12+ years ago was never really in my plans.  They (aka management) know my classes and clinicals will take a lot of time away from work and that I plan on quitting once we're out on the place because the drive is not worth I'm not real sure where this offer came from.  Don't know if it was said manager's frustration at the idiocy that was occurring at the time with the younger workers or if it was a legit offer.  Time will tell I suppose...will wait to see if the higher ups actually come to me with the question.  Though they have previously asked if I thought I might be interested...the whole thing has me wondering all in all.

As it is, there is plenty on the plate for the next couple of months anyway.  Moving, getting settled, getting to work on setting up the place as much as we can as fast as we can...all of which takes $$; which takes us back to the whole question of should I quit or should I stay.  Vicious flippin' circle, I tell ya.

I'm seriously just flat out undecided on the whole thing.  The dreamer/idealist in me says quit and focus on school and the homestead.  The realist in me says we need the money to get things rolling quickly and it's possible for me to do it all until there is a scheduling conflict with clinicals and work.  Add to all of the above the fact that I know how difficult it is to find a job period and there is no guarantee that I will find something in the field after I'm done with the EMT courses.  I suppose I can always just ask for a leave of absence until I'm done if it gets to be too much then pick up where I left off at McD's until something comes along for me as an EMT.

Le Sigh...being grown up is over-rated...decisions pertaining to the well being of family and home suck.

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