Sunday, September 9, 2012

Verdict is In...

got back Tanker's percentages from the Army and the VA.  Of course, he got screwed.  10% from the Army which means a lump sum payout, no insurance, no etc.  30% from the VA that will only pay at 20% until the lump sum payout from the Army is paid back (I did the math...16.5 years).  We can't do much about the Army one as the wording in all of his paperwork from downrange is what tapped that one into place...wording in which a certain PA makes himself a complete ass but still manages to screw Tanker over big time.

The VA one we can fight at anytime, so (even though it may eventually pan out to be a mistake) Tanker signed off on it.  He's done with the politics in the Army.  We'll take the lump sum, pay off bills, get a jump start on getting things done around the 'Stead that were going to have to wait and fight with the VA from the outside.

I officially will no longer be slinging burgers on the 21st...clinical hours with the schooling will be no joke and frankly the job isn't going to pay enough to even cover gas (now that it's marching back up toward $4 a gallon).  I'm good with that though.  Word in the neighborhood is that applying for a seasonal position at the local State nursery is a good option...will be looking into that shortly.

And now I'm off to sling burgers for 6.5 hours...yay?


HermitJim said...

Hang in there , my friend! It will all work out in the end!

Aggie said...

When he is ready to do battle with the VA again, the DAV is pretty helpful in PA. A friend of mine went through the DAV rather than the VFW and he is headed toward 100% now. We are going through the process again with the VA.

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