Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not Liking Humanity Too Much...

at the moment.  Nothing specific really, just a whole lot of little things.  (Warning:  rambling randomness to follow.)

Sheeple; I see them on a daily basis at work.  You want to know how bad America's obsession with fast food is?  Go work at McD's for a month. I've been there about 2 months and know several patrons by name...what they will order...breakfast, lunch, dinner.  It's sad and pathetic.  Switched over to overnights recently and have been dealing with a whole different breed of stupidity.  Drunken fools.  Even more sad and pathetic.

Thankfully the day is rapidly approaching that will be my farewell to McD's.  School for me starts on the 20th, clinical hours start sometime around the end of September/beginning of October...that mean buh-bye to the fast food world (hopefully for good).  No way I'll be attempting clinicals and the 45 minute drive in to make $7.25 an hour (21 or so hours a week) is not worth it.  Not with the lovely price jump in gas the past week or so.

Still set to start the moving off-post process in September...screamers will be starting in the new school next week; which means a 30 minute drive both ways for me but with eldest screamer's special "he's deaf" stuff I'd rather them start the year off at the school they'll be in the whole time.  That drive I don't mind and it's only for a little bit.

Tanker starts class on the 20th as well; not the classes he wanted but he's being ordered to either take classes OR get a part-time job (for which he would not get paid).  The small arms repair internship fell through because of some shady hiring practices going on around post....imagine that, a dirty government agency.

Alas, I shall abandon you with the random ramblings tired eyes require more coffee and I just feel the need to curl up with a good book and ignore the world right now.

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HermitJim said...

Sometimes a good book can be a comfort!

Hang in there, my friend!

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke