Monday, August 27, 2012


we've discovered that me working is moot, for certain...unless I ONLY work on nights I have school since I'll be up that direction anyway.  That's 2 nights a'll pay for my gas to and from class at least.

100 miles round trip to work for $7.25 hr with no guarantee of a full shift simply is not worth it...not even in my rice burner.  Used 1/4 tank of gas going to and from on Saturday when we spent the night over at the homestead in an effort to get some of the yard/pasture/fixing broke things work done.

So I've let them know at work that I'm only available after class on the days I have class...should be interesting to see how that schedule works out.  Just as well anyway, since I have the feeling that I'll be needing to concentrate pretty darn hard on studying all the extra stuff that class won't cover fully.  I'm good with it.

Spent a little time at the 'Stead (really have to come up with a name for it) today painting and unpacking a little.  Flock of wild turkeys and a flock of bobwhites paid me a visit in the front pasture...right in the same area that the chickens (and turkeys and geese...if I can convince Tanker I NEED them) will be eventually.  Should make for an interesting spring!

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HermitJim said...

I have a feeling that you made the right call about work.

Glad you have some friendly critters on the 'stead! They will make good neighbors.

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