Monday, February 2, 2009

Many thoughts in one Post (watch out!)

'acause (to quote the littlest screamer) I'm feelin' a mite bit lazy tonight, I'm going to flash you with a bunch of random thoughts and opines. Beware, it will be disjointed and rambly (no, I haven't been hittin' the wine either...yet).

First thoughts: The Refund and how we are spending it

Yep, spending it. That's our way of saving. We are spending it by paying off the van, paying rent a month ahead (to give us wiggle room), getting caught up on the utilities (not being able to pay all of it at once does add up), getting the spouse new glasses and getting the ever growing biggest screamer some new shoes. After all that is said and done, I'll be buying my tickets for my trip in May (absolutely refuse to NOT go...note that, it comes into play later), the rest of my gear and then stimulating the local economy by finally breaking down and getting inked. Yes, you read that right. I've been waiting 14yrs to get it and by golly, I'm doing it (it's all part of that new "live life" thing I'm doing btw). Not changing my mind on that either.

Things we AREN'T doing with said money to my parents. Harsh eh? You just don't know folks, I'm telling ya. My mother is a spender...big time. Always has been. Point in case, my senior year of high school I was denied federal aide for college because my parents brought in a combined $99k the year before. You coulda knocked me over with a feather when I read that. Seriously? $99k? Hey Mom, can you tell me why I kept having to loan you money from my measley Mickey D's paychecks? do see don't you dear readers?

Fast forward to present, Mom calls daily asking if the refund went in. Offers to buy my tickets LATER if I will loan them money when it hits the bank. My lifetime of experience with my mother has taught me one thing...there will be no LATER. There will always, always be something else that she needs the money for and I will not see a red cent back. Solution: Be the bad daughter again. I did it before (when I was 20 and it weren't pretty...I survived, but Mom learned what not to say to me) and I will do it again. It's way past time for Mom to stop depending on me and the siblings to bail her out of her messes. Oh, sidenote on this too...Bro gave Mom $500 over the holidays to pay her rent...she did not pay her rent but instead went shopping (see, see! I am not just being a snotty child!).

Second Line of Thoughts: Health related stuff

The spouses glasses will be out of pocket, we don't have any kind of insurance (other than vehicle) on ourselves. Which translates to a lot of learning how to keep ourselves well. On this path, we have both been training like we are re-enlisting. Spouse is naturally doing way better with the weight (men suck...there I said it). I do better with stamina though (bwahahaha, yes these short legs can outrun his long ones if we go for distance). Now, I won't be re-enlisting...Army don't want this broke chick.

We've also started paying more attention to what we eat and how are bodies react. This weekend was an off weekend with lots of meals out and not being measured. We both felt like crap come Sunday morning. Lesson learned: portion control is truly your bestest friend in the wide world. Oh, that translates to preppin' too folks. Pay attention to HOW MUCH you eat, the what you eat matters too but seriously gorge on food and you pay. Pretty simple a concept, but not one that we (as a people) really ever think about for the most part. It's so easy to go back for seconds, thirds and even fourths of some things. That's been the second hardest habit to break, the first being the smokes...really, really have to stop those puppies.

Last bit o' random thoughts for the night: Food

Ah, my friend and my enemy. But for the sake of trail research, I've been spending a lot of time with food. I really don't want to be hauling 25lbs of food around with me in May...not for a 3-4 day hike. So I've been playing with some things. The pouch tuna and chicken, the ready to eat rices (hey! I did a post on those over at the hiking blog) and more than just dried apples. I have to tell you folks, if you don't have the RTE rices in your preps...get some. Literally RTE in two minutes, straight from the pouch. Oh and be darn sure you have some of the pouches of tuna and chicken in those preps too. The cans are great, but the pouches will save you some serious ounces in a BOB. Even a few random ounces here and there will weigh you down, slowing you down...not a fun thought in a SHTF situation.

Okay, now I'll run off and hit the wine...local and fantastic!

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HermitJim said...

Very entertaining post...nice to hear someone else can ramble a bit! I'm guilty as hell on that one, I'm afraid!

Well done, my friend!

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke