Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hermit's Gone and Done It!!

He's pulled me out of my 'I won't post political' funk with this little gem. I commented, yeah buddy did I, but I'll expand a little here on what I was getting at. (Psst, you really ought to visit the Hermit on a regular basis if you don't already...his coffee is darn good.)

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? So get desperate .gov....get rid of ALL the excess. Excess spending, jobs, things like oh I don't know....copies of paperwork in two different languages to accommodate those that refuse to learn the language of the country they are living in (legal or not).

Now I'm a reasonable gal, for the most part, and our little family nucleus has done it's fair share of cutting out the pork spending in this dictatorship (yes, it is a dictatorship...there is no democratic voting in this house until the screamers can form valid opinions that aren't based on toys or candy...sorry). The splurges of last week are not a normal thing (hence the splurge word) and most were necessities or something that we waited YEARS to do. We paid off debt first...something that the .gov could learn to do.

Anyway, I've been thinking on this for a while. Secession. Dirty word, eh? There was more to the secession of the South way back then than just slavery. It included the Southern States being a mite bit pissed that Big Daddy (which is my personal favorite term for the .gov btw) was telling them what they could and could not do with themselves. There is a reason that each State has it's own individual government. It is there for the good of the State. For simplification purposes, I'll phrase it this way (and will likely be told that I am wrong...oh freakin' well), each State is a country unto itself for the most part. This big huge country is a UNITED STATES, a union...of States...get it? You can leave a union if you want, quit paying the fees when you get tired of not working because of strikes and become a scab...secede.

99.999% of folks will and do think I'm daft here, but honestly....I can see why the South did it. No, I don't support slavery of any kind which is why I am comparing today's issues of debt, economic crash and all the other bull with what happened in the 1860's (you know, that little thing called a Civil War). We are slaves to debt and money, possessions and things. We MUST work to keep the water running and the lights on...we don't have the freedom to up and go when we change everything in our lives with a move elsewhere by tossing everything we own in the back of a wagon and heading somewhere new. We have become enslaved by putting our noses into the business of other countries instead of minding our letting our possessions and need for more junk than we can possibly ever use rule us.

I seriously would love to give the finger to it all, take only what we can carry and go nomadic. However, the screamers require a mite bit more planning that just taking off...sigh. So we settle for paying off the bills and paying down the debt (which there is VERY little of now thanks to our using our refund smartly 'for the most part, lol'). When the time comes, and I'm sure it will soon, we will be able to fade quietly into the night...with only the items we need to survive. What we leave behind will likely be treasures for someone else at some point...creature comforts, possessions to rule them and take up space but certainly things that we can live without. It will be a secession of sorts from the life of needful things we've been programed into...see that is the real problem with my generation and the few that follow. A life of luxury for too long, many don't know how to make it and panic ensues.

Personally I'm tired of it all. Seriously bone tired of wondering when/if the spouse will be getting laid off (a possibility but nowhere as much as the new guy for more reasons than pay). I'm not worried about it, we have a tent and enough $$ put back to spend a good long time 'camping' at one of the many National and State parks round here. Got enough food stuffs put back that will pack nicely in the van along side our necessary clothing and survival items. Heck the $$ put back would go nicely into the tank of the van so we could travel elsewhere. See? You do see don't you? could be a good thing.


HermitJim said...

Hey Momma...first, thanks for the plug! Secondly, I think you're right about Secession NOT being such a bad thing! If nothing else, it would force the states to fix their own problems instead of waiting on Uncle Sugar to step in and fix 'em.

I totally agree that we all have too many things we put too much effort into, when the more logical solution for most would be to stock up on extras, get out of debt as much as possible, avoid unnecessary spending, and come up with some kind of plan...any get you and yours to a better place when it comes down.

Outstanding post, my friend! Extra coffee for you!!

Mayberry said...

A DAMN fine post Momma! I likes that! Very good term, to "secede" as a sovereign individual. My God why aren't there more folks out there with that independent spirit.... They've been sissified by Big Daddy, and ensnared in the system. God bless you Momma, you made my day. Tattoos and all! HA HA!

Ozark Momma said...

Yer Welcome HJ! Never hurts to send folks on to those that know better, lol. Thank ya much for the extra coffee...needed it today!

Mayberry...thank you...tattoos et al! ;P

mmpaints said...

Good post Momma, I'm all for it!

MiniKat said...

The War between the States was about state's rights. Slavery was a propaganda tool.

Love the language limitations in your post. If someone is going to live in a country where a different language is spoken, they had better learn the native language.

Kyle said...

I've been wondering about the viability of a secession movement since Obama was elected. To have a movement, a critical mass of people is needed, perhaps a majority in a state or region (the South?)

I guess I don't see enough interest ... yet. I've been surprised at the occasional comments about secession on blogs, however.

Texas, alone, could leave the union. Better yet, if Texas and some of the deep South, including Florida, had majorities urging secession, then maybe, just maybe, it might happen.

The Other Mike S. said...

There are 8 states that have recently passed legislation reaffirming their state sovereignty. Another 12 have stuff in the works. Montana has a bill before their legislature telling Nanny to piss off when it comes to guns made in their state.

When 40% of the states are standing up and puffing out their chests, it's a good sign that enough people are sick and tired of what's going on.

What comes of it is yet to be seen, but it's a trend I like.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke