Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Night Confessions

I confess to the following:

*The plans for the tax refund are complete. Tickets bought, bills paid in full and some even ahead a month, extra socked away for the trip, gear bought (got a Sa-Weet pack btw...oh, still gotta decide on a tent, maybe) and new shoes/boots all around.

*Still no plans to give the parental figures any cash. Especially after learning of the mother's latest useless purchase made instead of paying on their van. See, told ya!

*Got my brand. Yep, spouse got branded too. I 'might' show ya when it's all said and done (still need color added to mine, which will happen in roughly a week) 'cause after all my fellow nut-jobs need to know if it really and truly is me hollerin' "hey, it's Ozark Mama" when they got a gun pointed at my skull. Then they can just holler back "show me the ink woman"...done.

*I totally dozed off while getting inked. Seriously. Really, I did. I am also planning additions (yes, plural) to the current piece. Now that is most truly an addiction.

*I am dreading tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day we go through all the crap/junk/stuff the spouse pulled from storage. More baby stuff, more useless stuff. Jebus/Allah/Buddha have mercy on my poor packrattin' soul.

*We've spent entirely too much money eating out this week. We've been out more this week than we have in two months. Scary! But we are back to semi-normal with no more goin' out plans. All major purchases/bills are fini, therefor there is no more need to be out roaming the tri-county area.

There you have it! Prepared with the camping/hiking gear, enough so that we really could just up and live on the trail if needed (well, besides food but that's what hunting and gathering is for if it got that darn bad). Still wading through 14 years of junk gathering but it's not as bad as we originally thought. Still the bad daughter and damn proud of it. And finally, an addiction to ink that could prove useful in a future of being a nomad.

How's your week been?


HermitJim said...

Damn, Girl!! Looks like you been busy! you know, that getting inked might not be a bad idea...just one way that a certain group might recognize a member that they had only talked to on the radio...

Something to consider, yesser!

Ozark Momma said...

Busier than it sounds Hermit, lol!

I've decided that you can turn just about anything into a survival tool and use that to partially justify the ink...only partially mind you since I've wanted to do it for years anyway. It is a good calling card, I think, for folks. Heck, think of all the 'gangs' that have their little identifiers, why not use it to your advantage!

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke