Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let the Streamlining Begin!

Holy heck we have a LOT of junk...seriously. Way more stuff than we would really ever use, which is bad. I apparently inherited the much dreaded pack rat gene from my mother, though not to the extent she inherited it...I can still tell you where most of our stuff came from and how long we've had it. Mom, not so much.

Anyway, tomorrow starts the streamlining process. Since there ain't gonna be no more, no more...ain't gonna be no more babies popping out EVAH (yes, EVAH) all baby related things are being passed to my sis for Preston (the sweet little red haired imp the graced us just before Christmas). Farewell outgrown clothing and shoes, I will not miss your space taking mess! Adieu toys that have no age/educational relevance (and that are noisy...note sis bought most of these herself, it's only right she gets them back, right?)! Maternity clothing? Donating ALL of it to a local pregnancy resource center...hey I WILL NOT BE NEEDING IT!!

Then there is the dilemma of our LARGE collection of VHS tapes (I stopped counting at 256). Seriously? Why do we have them? We don't even watch them anymore, they are in boxes in the closet. I guess I need to go through and pull out the ones that are worth keeping. Dunno what to do with the rest...anyone even know?

Useless things abound in this house right now...not so much after this weekend. Sure, I could probably make a little cash off of most of the junk if I wait until the summer yard sale season, but let's face it...I'm lazy and would rather spend my summer NOT behind a table haggling prices on things that I don't really want anymore.

Now if I could just find someone to do something with these bazillion pictures and such that I have. I don't scrapbook (for those that love it, sorry but it's a total waste of time for me) so let's not go there. I doubt very seriously that they will be of any historical significance, but I suppose a lot of folks thought the same many moons ago. They'll probably stay boxed away for future generations to pilfer through and use for kindling...that's one sure way to contribute to the survival of my gene pool, hoard old pictures. Yeah, call it preppin'.


HermitJim said...

Kinda hard to get rid of all the old stuff, isn't it? Then again, you look at some of it and say..."why did I ever save this?"

Been there and done that!

Anonymous said...

I donated excess books, DVD's & videos to our local library

Anonymous said...

You might even think about child care centres and community centres for the excess VHS perhaps?

Mayberry said...

The rate at which crap can accumulate is astounding.... Happy culling!

Terri said...

Check your local freecycle group. I offered up about 100 home-made movie VHS tapes and several people wanted them. Saves you having to lug them anywhere :)

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