Monday, June 9, 2014

Alive! (x-post)

The move is made...most of the unpacking is done.

We're exhausted, but happily settling in.  This, of course, means lots and lots of projects on the menu. 

Our current dining room table is wholly inadequate in size for the massive new dining room...added to the build list along with chairs.  Our poor darling dear Billy bookcases need a facelift...added to the to paint list.  The couch has been awaiting reupholstering for there is space to do so it has been added to the make me pretty list.  And so much more.  Curtains, pillows, dog beds, quilts, etc...but it makes me happy to have the space and time to do it all now.

I just have to finish conquering the kitchen first.


Thursday, May 29, 2014


is one of those pre-planned/written post days I promised.

As this post goes live, I'll be running all over the South Central part of KY setting up utilities, hunting down washers/dryers and refrigerators, lunching (hopefully) with my sister and not losing my mind being trapped in the Kia with the Screamers and Tanker.  At least that's the plan.

The losing my mind part is likely to usually does at least once per road trip.

We've spent the past week debating the merits of fridge sizes...small without a freezer, large french door with bottom freezer, side by side, traditional freezer on top model, etc.  We have the large upright freezer, so have been trying to justify spending more money on a fridge with a freezer...or not.  Hopefully by the end of the day we will have decided.  We shall see.

With the move just a couple of days away, we'll also be taking a look at plants for the container garden and gathering up supplies for growing things in the greenhouse...late season start sort of limits us but the greenhouse should give us the extension we need.  I've got plans folks....plans I tell ya!

So whilst I pack away and get to moving...what are you planning this weekend?

Monday, May 26, 2014


shortly after the move to the new house, there will be a move of blogs.  For good.

I've thought about it for a while, even had one setup over at wordpress for a good long time...the latest fiasco with AdSense just gave the push I needed/wanted I guess.  With all the changes going on in our lives and such, a change in direction was inevitable.  The new blog will be as random as this but probably a lot less filled with politics (no, I'm not giving up on fighting the good fight) and the likes.  There will be more talking about life, food, in-town living, etc.

So I'll be going through and recycling some of my favorite posts and some of the most viewed posts on this blog over the next few weeks.  This blog will remain active (as in I won't be closing it) because frankly I'm lazy and have no desire to c/p a bunch of stuff over on to the new one.

You're welcome to travel over and take a look, stick around, follow, etc....there's only one post there at the moment because, again, I'm lazy AND 98% of my time over the next week will be taken with the move and all things it requires.

I'm not leaving the blogging world...just changing focus and changing the view.  And I'll still be giving away something to celebrate this blog's 6th Blogiversary.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


in all their infinite wisdom has decided that I'm asking you to do something bad by asking you to click those AdSense ads.

So they've decided that my AdSense account should be disabled...for the first time ever in 6 years...funny enough right when the account was about to hit payout status...for the first time ever in 6 years....payout that was meant to go to the giveaway in August to celebrate the Blogiversary.  None to profit for me...prizes for you, dear readers.

I've appealed.  We shall see how that goes.

If Google, in their power role, decides that I was super dee duper bad enough to have my hands slapped with a permanent disabling then all that payout cash (minimum is $100 btw) will go back to "the advertisers" and nada goes to prize packages.

So do me a favor...don't click those ads.  It took 6 years Google...6 get to your insanely high (for small time bloggers like me) payout.  My apologies for requesting a boost for celebratory purposes.

(No worries on the giveaway for the will happen.  It may not be what I wanted to do...but there will be something given whether Google gives or not.)


goings on around here....okay, not really.

We pulled everything from the basement yesterday...Tanker successfully squashed no less than 3 large woman eating spiders (alright, maybe not woman eating but they were big...bodies the size of quarters big)...2 I saw, 1 I didn't but it was attempting to crawl up me when he spotted it.  Thankfully, I did not see it until it was squished.

Normally I just let them be; I used to be deathly terrified of, as long as they aren't attempting to scale me like a rock wall, I just ignore them.

Camel crickets, not so much.  Which is part of what made yesterday so "fun."  The basement is crawling with them.  They creep me out.

Guess who was IN the basement handing things out the door...go on....guess.

My skin is still crawling.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

There Are Things....

that I "forget" about every single time we move...I call this selective memory loss due to moving trauma.

Like I forget how annoying it is to get utilities setup; particularly since these particular utility companies require your actual online capabilities.  So we get to take a day out of our insanely busy week next week to run down and get everything setup in our names.

Okay, I'm not too overly annoyed at that...consider it a small break; a daycation of sorts from all the moving madness.  And since we are packed up...with the exception of 3 pots/pans, the mattresses we're sleeping on and the table I'm sitting at...I honestly don't mind taking the day away.

This weekend we are finishing with the emptying of the basement and storage space under the deck.  Pulling everything up to the deck and covering with tarps...hopefully the weather holds decently for this move.  I really don't want to move in the rain again.  Right now it's looking as if there is some possible.

Alas, I will let you be for the weekend (after this of course)...hope the sun shines on your BBQs and you remember the reason for the long weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Post #350, Plans, Previews and Pinterest....

Well, here she #350 (which means I have between now and August 4th to really get cracking and hopefully flood you with posts in order to make it to #500 for the 6th Blogiversary).

Gonna share the love of food and exercise in this one...along with some links.

First up, awaiting me at the new place and preppin' to start on June 15th is this:

21 Day Fix

My friend and coach, Lindsay Baker (who is freakin' fantabulous btw), just finished her first round and posted a review.  I'm just dying having to wait to start.

Thankfully, there aren't many changes (from what I understand) that will need to be done with the diet, as we've already started those changes.  I've got links posted to favorite foodie haunts on the Foodie Links page AND here ya go...a look at my Pinterest board filled with Clean, Paleo and Primal food yumminess that is finding its way into our chow rotation.  I highly, highly suggest the Paleo Chicken Nuggets...always a win here.

The next week is going to be completely nutty around here as the Great Move approaches and since I'll be MIA (due to utility transfers and weekends not getting along) I'll be attempting to write up some posts for the "down" days.  In other words, be prepared for out of place randomness from May 30th to June 2nd.  You've been warned.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Money Saving....

over at My Patriot Supply until the 26th!

Deals of the Day

Just wanted to share since Tattler rings are in there along with some other really good deals.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

If You Had Your Druthers....

would you prefer a gift card to Amazon or an actual something (useful) as a prize in a giveaway?

Polling, of sorts, here.

Coming up on the 6th Blogiversary here (and it will likely coincide with the 500th post at that) and would love, love, love to hand something over to one of those of you that have stuck around all this time.

Shoot me your opine!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


it's best to say your piece and walk away without looking back.

Even when it is family.  Blood family.

It's no secret to those that know me in real life that I have very little tolerance for self-centered ignorance.  The only surprise might be that the reason behind that intolerance being that I've spent a huge chunk (aka for as long as I can remember) of my life watching a part of my blood family make everything about them; whether it was or not (and usually it was not).  I've watched as they've hurt, time and time again, those that love them by hateful words or actions...intentional or not...and then make it out to be the other person's fault.

I've stood by and taken in everything.

I watched them make my father's funeral about them (maybe not intentionally but it ended up being that way).  I'm watching as they turn my grandmother's failing health into a pity party for themselves.  I'm watching as they say "if something happens to (insert family member name here), none of you are welcome at his service."

I am disgusted.

And I've written them off for what they are.

After all these years of "being disowned" (when they were not, they CHOSE to stay away and make themselves feel unwelcome), guess what?  They have me, at least.

There's no accounting for blood and family.

Often times the family you chose it better than those you're given in this life.

But hey, here's a win for their column...this IS all about YOU.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mmmmmm....Good Book...

just a quick line to opine about a series I've been reading.

Links to the Kindle downloads.

Infinite Sacrifice (free at time of posting)
Infinite Devotion ($3.99)
Infinite Loss ($4.99)

They're fairly short (this coming from a vorocious reader that demolished Under the Dome in less than 2, grain of salt), but particularly rich in detail.  Not for everyone, especially those that are offended by the possibility of past lives (since that IS what the entire series is about).  But for people like me that do...they're wonderful.

Oh and another, if you'd like, that I read last year and liked alright:

Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn ($3.99)

I finished the Infinite series and started on Exodus Lost (was free when I posted the link a few days ago, is now $2.99) and I'm thoroughly intrigued.  I'm loving the Egyptian/Olmec connections being made and finding the whole thing just highly interesting.  If you're into ancient history and New/Old World connections, this one is a good one to have.  I'm loving this one so much that I see myself procuring a hard copy, soon.

And now I'm off...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Taking the Guesswork Out...

of my container gardening plans with this!, joy.

I'm seriously thrilled.  With this and the obscene amount of containers, soil and seed awaiting me at the new place, I'm beyond certain that I'll be able to get in a decent amount of fresh veg despite the lateness of planting.  The greenhouse will help with that as well.

I, for real, cannot wait.

(Clickty one of those ad sense ads, would you?)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To Do List....

it just keeps growing and growing.

I started pricing out storage sheds today...the current place has lots of basement type storage (sorely lacking in the in house storage area however) for tools and lawn equipment.  The new place...not so much.

At first I thought about one of those rent to own sheds but upon doing the math and such decided that I'm quite happy with one of those $300 (or less) metal sheds that Tanker, me and my bro (once properly bribed with a meal) can throw together.  All we really need it for is lawn equipment...there is plenty of storage space for my beloved power tools in the house until we're ready to build a real garage/workshop.  $300 spent (plus the cost of bribing my brother) is a whole sight better than $2k or more.

And it's all about saving monies, don't ya know!

Speaking of saving monies...okay, not that this is exactly SAVING money but when I get the distinct pleasure of furnishing a house that is twice the size of what we are currently in this is sorta saving (really it is)...I'm so super excited about this:

400 mile Yard Sale

The weekend after we move...close to our little area...a massive playground in which I get to frolic about in hopes of finding treasures to assist in filling in the spaces our severe lack of furniture will leave.  I'm hoping to find some goodies on the cheap that a little TLC can spruce right on up...I'm handy with a paint brush, staple gun, fabric and sander among other things.  Let me at 'em!  If all goes well, I'll bore you to bits with before, during and after shots.  Fingers crossed that all goes well....I've really got to be finding more chairs to cozy up to the massive dining room table I have plans to build!

All of that, of course, hinges on finding hidden treasures cheap.  I know, it can be done.  I'm keeping the budget on the shopping fun low however.  As much as I would love to go and spend thousands bedecking the grand ol' Victorian out in true style...I know that on a cash only diet that's just not feasible.

But I'll sure try!

Monday, May 12, 2014

20 days......

and a wake-up.

The countdown continues to clip on at a rapid pace.

Tanker is itching to finish packing up but I'm holding him back with both hands.  I'm not ready to pack everything but the cast iron up...I like my little non-stick skillet for making my eggs every morning.  I like that I can just wash it out, toss it on the drying rack and walk away without fear of rust setting in because I didn't grease it.  I'm lazy.  I readily admit that until I get at least a full cup of coffee in me it is best to not trust me with the care and feeding of anything important.  How the screamers survived thus far is beyond me.

As it is the house has been pretty well packed up for a month (probably more as at one point days began bleeding into one another as the mass of boxes grew).  Granted, I still have way more t-shirts unpacked than needed but that is neither here nor there (we will not discuss the whole t-shirt and heels addictions...thank you very much).  The kitchen cabinets (with the exception of the spice/oil cabinet) are empty; the books (oh, my beloved books) are all packed away.  I am stuck with the Kindle (not bad, but not a book).

Tanker and I are discussing foster/adoption preaching on the "dangers" please, I hear that enough from my mother; which is why we no longer discuss it with her.  It's something we feel like we need to do in a way.  So we're looking to start the required courses shortly after the move.  Not a word to Mom until it's all said and done so I don't have to hear "how can you do that to your children?" again.  I love my mother...but she is the epitome of what is wrong with too good for others for the recognition and selfish reasons but to hell with it all if it interferes with your plans or life in ways you don't want.  (Insert snide remark about not being very Christian decide 'cause I'm just not feeling repetition today.)

So here we are...moseying along by the lake for a bit wishing I could remember which box I put the seeds in (I could totally start some and them be alright for the move), Tanker counting down the days until he no longer is driving 1.5hrs each way for class.  Oh the gas to be saved!

The next 20 days just can't fly fast enough!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day...

to all you Moms out there.

Be you Moms of human, chicken, cow, cat, dog, etc.....

Momming is hard.

You rock it.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pre-planned Randomness...

for you today as I will be attending CF's funeral and have no clue what time we'll be back home.

Here comes the random....

I've been "swagging" a lot lately...loading up on Swagbucks to load up on Amazon gift cards. I've earned enough the last two days (not signing up for anything that requires a payment of any kind, btw) to get 2 $5GCs.  Not shabby considering most of it is stuff I can knock out in less than an hour.

I've also been freebie hunting like a fiend...scoring left and right.

And Bzz'ing...freebie and product testing galore.  Oh and you earn MyPoints through them as well (if you do MyPoints).

More random....

You, my readers, slam the heck out of this blog when I go all political or worldly.  Seriously, you do.  I was browsing through all of the posts made on here and the ones with possible mindless ramblings and/or political/world stuff tags have a viewer count that is insane.

As much as I'm an opinionated gal, I want more from this my little slice of interwebz.  Hopefully, once we're moved and settled and I start posting other'll love them as much as political stuff.

Now...rambling that big ad down below for me if you don't mind.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Learning Curves....(and Lumpia)

I have a bunch of friends struggling with what we'll call "the new normal"...they had been accustomed to living high without a care, racking up credit debt...they are now not living so high and learning to live on a much tighter budget.  They are experiencing a learning curve.

In the past week I've gotten no less than 10 emails or FB messages from said friends; wondering how we did it for so long, living on just above minimum wage but still slowly bringing down debt.


Stop planning those vacations to Florida...stop buying the rapidly growing children brand new expensive clothing...thrift, stay home and hang, find local FREE entertainment.

I tend to forget that people are really just looking for an easy answer because honestly, that is stuff they all know really.  And I know they all know how to use Google.

Now...on to more important things....Lumpia.

H/T Google for the random image that came up during a search.

I adore them...I crave them...I need a good recipe for them.

Yes, I googled.

There are a half dozen now bookmarked and saved in my "Cook Me!" file.  But if, by some random chance, you have a recipe you love...share...pretty please!

(Clickity an ad, if you will, perhaps the large one down purchase necessary...another pretty please!)

Thursday, May 8, 2014


or Throwback Thursday....ya know #TBT.

Tossing you a link to one of my very first (therefore generally more educational) posts on the blog.

Why Prep?

Sound logical reasoning that still holds true.

(Go that big ad down know you want to.)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


in vast reaches of the youngest screamer's former room, amid towers of boxes that stand twice as tall as me, there are two boxes that are meant to be elsewhere.  Boxes that were supposed to be mailed off to someone else, boxes that never made it out the door despite numerous reminders.  Boxes that will get to where they are supposed to go, sometime around mid-June...instead of February.

Also in that mass of towering boxes are my seeds.  Seeds that I have containers and soil for...but have no clue as to which box they are residing in.  Oh yes, I labeled the as to make organizing during unpacking easier (we've played this game a few times, ya know).  The problem is...the sheer height of the box towers negate my ability to find diddly squat.

There go the plans to have some sort of garden plants containerized before the move.  Guess we'll shoot for an early June start and hope for a good turn out before Fall hits.  Theoretically, it's possible...but with Ma Nature and her mood swings the past year plus...well, she don't run on theory.  So the greenhouse (yay we kept it) will be going up ASAP, just so I can have it all situated for extended growing.  I may even get adventurous and use it for some late Fall cold weather crops...providing I can keep the temps/humidity inside steady enough that little plastic-y thing might just keep me in spinach and lettuce all winter (keep in mind it's one of those $200 dohickies from Lowe's...not the most efficient but useful).  If not, hopefully it will be sufficient enough to keep the temp tender citrus trees alive through winter.

Ah, the joys of mid-garden season moving...and towers of boxes.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oh Boy!

More linkage to get me in trouble...

H/T to Survival Mom for this one.

How have I gone all this time and not known about this?


Travel size EVERYTHING.

Perfect for BOBs, camping, all around having on hand.

I foresee some of the saved $$ going toward a few things.  Go...take a look.

( a gal that big ad down there.)

In the End....

Currently, I'm chatting with a of the childhood friend that drowned on April 21st.  Her body was finally recovered on the 2nd and they are headed today to make final arrangements.  There seems to be a sort of power struggle going on as to what should be done and what certain other family members want done.  Childhood Friend (hereafter known as CF) was unemployed and without any form of life insurance at the time of her the financial burden of final expenses falls to her family.  Her 'husband' (they were legally married, I just personally do not think highly of him and haven't since high school) is most likely also unemployed (I do not know this for sure but that tends to be his boon in life) and has little to no money to help.

I'm baffled (but not really) at the idea the family is fighting over arrangements (I'm sure some are wanting to go to the excess end while others are attempting to be practical yet still grieve in a proper Southern fashion).

Here's the philosophical:

She's not there, here, etc.  The final arrangements are for family and show.

Here's the practical:

Keep it affordable.  There are debts involved that shouldn't but probably will fall to her children...who are just starting out in life.

The family has set up a memorial fund to try to get some help with the expense, of course.  And I'm sure that if even half the people that new CF donated even just a little that a very nice service could be had.  However, CF's brother knows that the reins need to be taken now in an effort to make sure that things stay in control.  I feel for him...I most honestly do.

All of this has prompted us (me and Tanker) to review our own plans and, knowing what I know from Dad's funeral (i.e. cost), up both of our life insurance policies.  The point of having them is to insure that our expenses would be paid, debt (that isn't cancelled out by death) be paid and our children have at least a little something monetarily to start out on should we pass before they are of age (hellooooo trust fund).  While it shouldn't matter (the money) we all know it does.  The very least we can do is leave the screamers with less shaky ground to stand on financially.  And a bit of positive in a time of not so positive.

Because in the end, none of it is for you...but it is about what you leave behind.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


for the Kindle...or Kindle App.

(Note:  Please check the price before downloading...while they're free at the time of this post, they may not be free for long.)

Preppers Pantry: How to Build a Perfect Survival Pantry for Food and Water Storage (Survival Pantry - Your Complete Guide to Stocking Up and Surviving Anything)

Exodus Lost (the History geek in me can't wait to read this one)

The Procrastination Cure: How To Stop Procrastinating, Maximize Productivity And Master Time Management (Become Productive, Get Rid Of Procrastination, Increase Productivity) (the procrastinator in me needs this one)

Things Mother Used to Make A Collection of Old Time Recipes, Some Nearly One Hundred Years Old and Never Published Before (I've had this one since November and love it)

Baking in Your Skillet: A Collection of Skillet Recipes

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Almond Flour Recipes: The Complete Guide for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and More (Every Day Recipes)

Gluten Free Oven Recipes: The Beginner's Guide to Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and More (Every Day Recipes)

Survival Guide for Beginners

JeBouffe Home Canning Step by Step Guide (second edition) Revised and Expanded

Rice Flour Recipes - 40 Gluten Free Rice Flour Recipes For All Occasions

Thyme & Oregano: Healing and Cooking herbs, and more than 30 Ways To Use Them

Okay...pretty sure that should keep you busy for a bit!  I know, it's such a random list.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014


I spent a large part of the day researching things that are only important to me (insurance related) and sneaking out to watch the just discovered babies in the holly tree.

Today....I sauntered out to enjoy my coffee in the sun (and super cold wind) to find the nest already empty.  Those crafty robins.

The only reason I even noticed the nest (despite in being in the tree RIGHT NEXT to the porch) was that one of the parental figures rather ferociously emptied out the suet feeder that was stationed in said tree on Thursday.  I'm guessing in an effort to discourage other birdies from invading the flight training space.

Nature is a remarkable thing...gets along just fine without us and our interruptions...adapts to deal with the human stupidity.

Bye, bye baby birdies!  Safe flying!

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Thursday, May 1, 2014


a few on the blog...did you notice?

Pages are popping up...unfinished but there now to give you an idea of what is to come.  Of course, the nature of blogger means that I'll have to put up a post to let you know of additions.  But that's cool.  I like you lot.

Foodie Links is the most complete thus far, but that's due to the fact that we've been focusing pretty much on that while working on packing and prepping for the move.  Gimme time, k?

In the meantime, click that ad down below and help support my blogging habit!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brief Self-Debate...

this morning....I had thought (very briefly) about switching to a different blogging setup (i.e. Wordpress, etc) and promptly discarded the idea.  Blogger is comfortable, and as my well worn yoga pants can attest I adore comfortable.

I played around with the Pages feature a bit (they are not currently showing, so don't go looking) in an attempt to combine the dietary/lifestyle change blog with this  I don't want, nor do I have the patience, to maintain to separate you lot will just have to deal with any KA-BOOM moments that I have on that front.  Deal I say!  Besides, it might be edumacational for some.  I'll be setting up a Linkage page (or two) to make that at least easier to hunt through.

On to happenings in mi casa....nada.  Tanker has us packed to the bare minimum (which makes cooking super fun...not) and we're in the just counting down days mode that we excel at.  32, for those that wonder.  Not soon enough.

Now, I'm off to enjoy a second cup of coffee to hopefully warm up from the chill of the rainy outdoors!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

In Relation...

to last week's Wayback Wednesday (which I accidentally posted on Tuesday)....

Does anyone other than me find THIS (troops on the ground) ironic considering THIS (less troops in EU)?

We would have been part of that lovely mass exodus hell (lots and lots of friends were) had Tanker not gotten his WTU transfer in.  It was messy, it was extremely trying for the families involved and it lessened our force numbers in the EU mightily.

Anyone else see the correlation?

(S/N:  Please take a quick second to send warm thoughts, hugs, prayers, whatever to a family that I grew up first childhood friend has gone missing in a boating accident.  While I've not spoken to her in a while, I did spend a considerable amount of time with her twin girls playing nanny of sorts.  It's been nearly 24 hours since the, you know.)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pantry-style Linkage....

specifically for Red promised!

These are a few of the places I've been looking and watching prices on rice/GF flours...there are mixes available (sort of like self-rising) but I'm just pricing the straight up flours.  There are several recipes on the net for mixing your own as well.

Fine Rice Flour - 50 Pound Bag (affiliate)
AllBulkFoods (list of all flours...GF showed up at the top of the list for me)
BulkFoods (their prices overall seem lower per pound than the others)

There are also co-ops that generally have good prices...the problem for me is that none are active in my area.  If you order, please let me know about your experience...I'll do the same when I order as well!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Can't Remember...

If I'd ever share these before or not...I'm sure most of you know about them, but just in case.

Self-Education via (I enjoyed the discussion in the Disaster Preparedness course)

And a little know thy enemy via FEMA (a whole list of courses designed to educate the average joe in how to work like them) that I'm actually finding a bit enlightening.

I only do the freebie stuff, of course, 'cause I'm cheap like that.


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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wayback Wednesday.....

Back in 2008 (oh mercy!) I posted this:

pathetic rhetoric and soapmaking

Wonder if "they" still see anything coming out of Russia as "pathetic rhetoric?"  Somehow I doubt it.  Still not taking them as seriously as I'd like, given the situation and lack of response.  But then I've always seen sanctions as a sort of like telling a toddler no while smiling.  It doesn't exactly elicit the response you'd been hoping for.  As a matter of fact, it sort of encourages the actions you were attempting to stop.  Then you have them challenging you without regard to any further threats or recrimination because they've already got you figured out.

Russia tests Obama (as if they don't already know what kind of grinning pushover he is)

Remember Georgia?

Pretty sure what happened there gave Russia some very valuable lessons that they've taken and utilized, this time with success.

P.S.  It's snowing here.  Nice summery weather this past weekend (even got a bit on the pink side from enjoying it myself)....and now, snow.  Ma Nature:  keeping you on your toes since forever.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Unofficial Confirmation...

Unofficial as in I've not been through a battery of blood tests and medical related go....confirmation as in I'm feeling it...bad.

Gluten is NOT my friend.

Today has been so solidly horrible in the gastric department after last night's short love affair with homemade pizza rolls.  They were delicious (oh so delicious)...they are the devil.  After going almost a full two weeks sans gluten, last night's splurge has shown me today exactly what gluten does to me.  It ain't pretty.

So there in lies yet another new obstacle to rebuilding the pantry.  Wheat and any product containing it is out.  Substitutes are in.  And since those substitutes are incredibly hard to find at decent prices locally, I get to turn to the interwebz in full to procure them.  It also means that shopping for long term storage meals just got a lot more interesting.

As much as the Screamers and Tanker loved the Chili Mac from Wise Foods (I did not was lunch for them the day I went and got some gum scraping done); they do not carry gluten-free goods.  There are other companies that do, however, and I will be researching what they carry.    In the meantime, I'll be working on a new pantry stock list.

So tell me....any special dietary issues you're having to deal with in regards to prepping?

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

While I'd Like to Say...

that it's all over (the Bundy thing...see previous post), I have the deep, dark in the back of the mind kind, of thought that it is not.

Found these (I'm entirely too tired tonight to make sure these are super reliable sources...just giving you a springboard for your own research):

Laney Land (ironically around the same time frame as the Bundy blowup)

Federal Land Buy-up (article dated to 2010 but still highly relevant in light of recent events)

Overall, if article #2 is reliable (and given the .gov I'm prone to believe it is) then article #1 and the Bundy brush-up make total sense.  It ain't about turtles and cow poop folks.

And now I'm off to relax from a rough day in the sun, shooting springy pics...but I'll leave you with one of my favorites from today.

Are You Paying Attention....

to the goings on in Nevada?

Here's a Google search...pick an article.

I've been watching a lot of mud tossing from supporters of both sides play out on my FB (yes, I do have some incredibly liberal friends that fully believe the .gov is meant to be in charge of every aspect of our lives...I know, how?) feed.

Do I know the whole story?  No.

Do I care to know the whole story? Not really.

Why?  Because the only thing that is ringing my own personal alarm bell is the fact there are 200 ARMED agents locking the ranch down over some grazing cattle and a turtle species (oh, and a possible solar energy plant and fracking).

Why the alarm bells?  Because of so many reasons.  One being the overall acceptance that this is totally okay by an alarming number of my friends...another being that the MSM is only just NOW paying attention to a fight that's been going on for the better part of a decade (that's really no surprise though, neither is the spin being put out on it).

So, are you paying attention?

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ever Get the Feeling...

that the whole world is sort of holding its breath right now?

Waiting to see what is going to happen next?  Wondering when, exactly, the other shoe will drop?

There is just so much going on across the globe that one can hardly keep up.  Naturally, MSM is failing to put the most important things at the top of the reporting list but that is nothing new.  Throw a bit of celebrity gossip at the masses and bury the stuff that will (rather: should) get the masses riled.  The ones that are waking up are edgy, angry that they've been kept (allowed themselves to be kept) in the dark for so long...but not angry enough yet to act.

The whole thing is just a tinderbox waiting to go up in flames.

Monday, April 7, 2014


we are much as possible considering there is still a long stretch of 7 weeks or so before moving day.

Full, labeled, taped boxes are stuffed into a corner in the living room and the youngest screamer's ex-room is full up.  Spare room is pert near empty (it was our pantry/storage/crafting area) and everything is off the walls.  Nail/screw holes filled.  All that is left is to paint, pack up the few remaining necessities then load everything onto a truck and clean up.

This is going to be the longest 7 weeks.

Ah the trials of being married to an OCD "get it done ASAP" kind of guy.  Me, I would have waited until May to even start.  Him, he's been sneakily packing since we decided/understood that a move was going to have to happen (ahem...end of January, beginning of February).  I detest packing; he revels in it.  Consider us opposing magnets.  But it's done (mostly) and we wait.

In the wait time, we have been taking stock and making plans.  Considering we will be doubling our household square footage, we are shy on furniture.  So the deal is I get to yardsale for furniture that I can go all re-finishing crafty on...and that we will build what we know we can't afford to buy finished.  There are plans saved and dog-eared in magazines (only with plans attached) of large dining tables (our 4 seater will be woefully pitiful in the incredibly large dining room), bookcases, storage shelves and more.

The yard/garden area takes considerably more planning as I want it to be functional AND gorgeous.  A place that I can grow a "hidden" food garden while still being able to entertain family and friends.  A spot for us, the screamers and the dogs to frolic (I really don't frolic but ya know) and relax.  But also a place that will grow as much of our fruit and veg for the table as possible.  The ideas are there in my's the translating to paper then yard that is a little more tricky when I'm not actually there looking at it yet.

Plus, the majority of planting opportunities for the year will be past by the time we're down there.  Trees can go in this fall and some late summer/fall crops.  But other than that, we're kinda stuck waiting for next spring.

We've gotten pretty good at waiting.

Friday, April 4, 2014

At First....

I thought this was a joke...a bad one...but a joke.

Congress doesn't get paid enough!?!

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) (aka MORON) needs to be brought down to the level of the lowest paid of his constituents.

Dear Rep. Moran and any other political figures that think like him;

Go straight to whatever hell you believe in.  Start using your PERSONAL wealth to pay for your living standards...not the monies you are paid to do a job you are not doing.  If the public worked as hard as Congress does, there would be absolutely no one being paid because they would have all been fired long ago.  You do not deserve a pay raise.  You do not deserve the money you are being paid.  And I'm beginning to suspect that you do not deserve lips to spread the idiocy that your obviously damaged brain conjures.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Adventures in Boxing...

moving style boxing that is.

In the beginning there was a house full of stuff.  Stuff that we didn't think we really used.  Then we began packing and realized that we do indeed use the majority of the stuff (aka kitchen stuff) when we have the room to use it.  Rather, when we have the room to have it accessible for use.  Current kitchen was not designed well and a large chunk of my stuffs was relegated to the spare room, out of sight therefore out of mind and out of use.  For the past 8 months I'd be cooking and think "I know I have (insert implement/device/etc here) that would make this easier" only to not know if it was boxed in the basement or hidden away in the spare room somewhere winning at hide and seek.  I know now.  I'm telling you I simply cannot wait to get into a kitchen that has not only a real pantry but the cabinet space for my stuff.  I real kitchen, not this child-size imitation (seriously I have less than 18" of counter space to work joke).  Excitement!

Other adventures in boxing...we're apparently horrible cat parents that never, ever get the poor unloved cats toys (intense sarcasm).  We've got several boxes pre-taped and setup for packing...I'm forever finding a cat in a box.  There are only two of them but it's like they're tribbles.

Ah well.  Such is life.

Off to do more of the packing thing while the sky is cloudy then once the sun re-appears it is outside to do some yard clean-up and maybe transplanting of the grapevines.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break....

and we're in ill broke (money broke too but that's a different story).

Tanker gave me snot at some point last has quickly spread through the house to the screamers.  Yay...spring break!

Regardless, this week's weather is supposed to be pretty nice so I'll be out and about...transplanting kiwi vines into larger containers, doing the same with the grapes (hoping that the shallow pots they lived in this winter didn't kill the roots) and blackberries.  Everybody will get a few days to settle into their new homes before getting haircuts.  Nobody but the kiwi have buds yet, so still dormant enough to hopefully handle the stress.  If not, I suppose I can get more later. 

I've not started any seeds (don't want to move seedlings anyway) so we'll be hitting up the local nurseries once we've settled further south for a few tomato plants and whatever else we may desire.  Not likely to be much as the farmer's market is 4 blocks from the house and will be my go to shopping spot for the bulk, of course, so canning can commence.

The rest of the break around here will be filled with boxes and paper.  Not scheduled to move until June 1st, but everyone knows how quickly something like that sneaks up on a person.  

Now I'm off to load up on fluids and meds in hopes of a headache free day.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Switch....

will be happening soon!

In other words, you get to tag along on a fantastical journey involving me, mine, working, school and all the usual inane insanity that involves us...only come July we'll be tossing in a bit of Urban Homesteading.

You see, I'll have a big, blank citified backyard that ordinances say I can have up to 10 hens in.  Now the hens may not be making an appearance until this Fall but I can dream and plan until then.  The garden, of course, will not likely be worth much of anything this year...if we can even get one in...but that doesn't stop me from sharing our (mis)adventures with you.

Since we're radically changing our diets (no beans, no flour...go on, follow along with that fun separately over at meandering mods) and we still need to have food on hand, you'll get to join along on my visits to local (and not really local but I like going for the flea market part too) Farmer's markets.  There will be frequent visits this year since (as I said above) a garden is highly unlikely.  I'll try to remember my camera as often as possible (especially since I'm working on building a portfolio) and share our little world.

So there you have bit of guaranteed change.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dear Junkyard Dogs....

Enlisting your help.

I need an engine.  I honestly don't care how many miles are on it.  I need it to NOT cost me $3-4k+ shipped (zip code 42642, business)....I need it to run, not just be some usable parts.  I've got $1600 to buy the bitch and that is it.

2004 Dodge Durango 5.7L V8 Hemi, 4x4, VIN 8th is D.

Yes, I've ebay'd it...yes, I've done online searches....yes, local junkyards have been called (the one we know has one is currently battling insurance companies to get vehicles released for parting out).

I'm beyond tired of this game.

I've gotten ugly with Dodge on FB (hey, it's a KNOWN issue that THEY have refused to do anything about).

I'm thisclose to just burning the bitch down...but there's the whole owing money on it and pretty sure it would be illegal anyway.

Any leads you got, blast them to me.

Surprise, Surprise....

well, not really.

Not to any of you that have been reading here (or any of the other like minded blogs) in the past 4 years or so.

Headlines as I signed into Yahoo! this morning are MSM panic a lot of folks...hopefully not to you (the usual suspects).

They go something like this:

NASA Civilization Collapse Study
Your Dollar isn't Buying (and isn't going to) Much at the Grocery
California to Farmers, "No water for you!" (sorry, it's a Fox link)
Ukraine (and the EU), Ukraine (and their Navy) and a little Turkey Talk (3 separate ones there)

And on it goes...people are shocked...well, at least some of the folks rolling about in my FB feed.  They genuinely did not see the food price hike coming and are angry.  "First my heating bill nearly triples and now this!"

Welcome to the New Age folks.

Get thee prepared.....

Buy Wise Company Packages and Get FREE Wise Fire Plus Free Shipping Included! (valid until March 31, 2014)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ya Know....

with the real estate market being what it is/was/whatevs it SHOULD be easy to find someone, somewhere that would be tired of having a house sitting on the market for months on end that is wanting/willing to lease.

Not so much I guess.

We have a backup plan (and a backup to the backup) in case we can't find something that fits perfect.  A townhouse.  It's not the preferred mode of living but the way things are looking that will end up being the spot we settle until we buy.

Alas, the hunt continues....on and on.....

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just When I Feel Human Again....

Ma Nature delivers ice and snow.

Finally got the crud the kid brought home outta here and we are trapped!  It's not a bad thing, per se...we've got plenty of eats and such to keep us for quite a bit (as expected) but I'll be darned if just walking down the short but steep drive doesn't make for an ice skating adventure.

The snow is pretty, no doubt...but there honestly isn't as much snow as ice.  Felt a bit Legolas-like walking on top of the snow the past two days.  Temps are supposed to edge up over the next couple of days so hopefully the screamers will return to school on Thursday...the 1.5" of ice covering our road (main road to the marina that has not been touched by road crew folk) is keeping them home...can only imagine what the side roads look like.

Oh and no review on the Wise Foods Chili Mac poor stomach just wasn't up for it.  Did you get a free sample yet?  Thoughts?

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Fought the Germs...

but the germs won.

Fought as long and hard as possible...but have failed miserably.  Pretty sure a GOOD night's sleep (come to me Valerian my love), some serious fluid intake (fresh juice and water) and a little less stress will do me up fine.

Dangers of children...those little creatures just breed germs...incubate Aliens.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And the Hunt Goes On...

for a new place.

The one we were going to take has suddenly been removed from the list...owner decided she wanted to sell instead.  Just as well I guess as Tanker was uncomfortable moving into the place while she was in the middle of a divorce.  I see his side so clearly now.

Two more places to take a look at this weekend, hopefully one will suit (and not fall through on us).  One in the country, one in town.

This has been, even so early on into it, the worst move ever.  And it's not even a "move" yet...finding a place that is worth the money has been horrible.  Hopefully, when this all starts again in 2 years or so when we're ready to buy, we won't have half the trouble and heartache.

As it stands now, we're slowly move who knows where.  At least we don't intend to move all out until May at the earliest.  I simply refuse to move the screamers during the school year.

On another note, got in a sample from Wise Foods that is going to get tried out this weekend...Chili Mac.  Not the youngest screamer's fave (he prefers his chili straight up) but he'll survive the trial run.  Eldest screamer can't wait and has been bugging the heck out of me about it since it came in.  If you've not tried them out before (like me) the company does send out free samples and a catalog to go along with the link up ^there^ or the flashy button over in the side bar...sample dealie is at the top of their website.  I'll post a review post trial.  Probably complete with pictures...go me!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rather Than....

torture you lot with the whole healthy lifestyle journey posts here...I'm putting all of them HERE.

Everything prep related to all of ^that^ will go on this blog (cross posts will be labeled as such), along with all other preparedness related things.  That particular blog is there because I don't want gripey emails about "hey, don't care about how hard the new lifestyle is or blah, blah, blah."  Or "really, that's what you're doing/eating/drinking?  Gross/stupid/can't believe it."

Feel free to follow along...if ya want.  Feel free not to...if ya don't.

And now...I'm off to enjoy the gorgeous clear skies tonight before the rain and cold comes back.

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Little Something New....

a review!

These will be happening more frequently; they won't ever be incredibly prepared!

Today I'm going to ramble on a little bit about my Temp-tations (link over there to the left and a coupony deal thing at the end of this post).

^I've got that set^ along with the ovals and bowls.  I've had them for a couple of years.  I adore them.

They survived the move to and from Germany with no losses.  They work, plain and simple...and they look gorgeous while doing it.  In the 3+ years that I've owned them I've never once had something stick so badly that scrubbing was required, lasagna included.  They go from freezer to oven to table to sink/dishwasher without any issue (that I've run across).  My Mother-In-Law and Sisters-in-Law are forever trying to steal them during the holidays.  Tanker appreciates the carry racks and stackability during transport from car to house during said holidays.  I love that everything literally fits together for minimizing storage space.

Can they get pricey?  Sure, if you go for the whole she-bang.  But totally worth it.

I mentioned that they have survived me for 3+ years...totally worth it.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eerily Quiet....

Apologies for the slight abandonment...

I've been incredibly busy seeking out suitable habitation (size, price, location, etc).  And it has been one heck of a challenge.  So many emails sent out, so few returned.  You don't know a challenge until you attempt to find a place that accepts two not small dogs.  I ranted all over my FB but spared you hear enough rants from my strangely wired brain.

At any rate, challenge beat.

We found a place that will suit us quite well.  Location is pretty well perfect, price perfect, size alright.  We'll be downsizing a bit but honestly we're all good with it.  We've acquired more crap, of course, again.  Space will be at a premium, so there will be no room for stuff that is useless.

All of that being said, I'm excited to be moving "home."  It's the area that both Tanker and I were raised in; an area that we know very well.  Very well.

Now, lack of space (not in a bad way, seriously, we like the downsize aspect) in the new place (sleeping areas only really) is leading me to look at food storage a bit differently right now.  We're looking at freeze dried meals and the likes....trying to decide which to go suggestions would be most welcome here as the bulk of our experience is with MRE's and the couple of Mountain House meals we tried a gazillion years ago (purchased in the Wally World camping section).

Who do you like?  Flavor, cost, value?

Throw it at me!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I Got the Cats High....

Sure did.

I thought you all might enjoy this...knowing that I felt bad for some reason today that I'd never bought the cats anything with I bought them mice (no bells thank goodness) laden with catnip.

I sit here, at 11:15 p.m., tired and ready for bed...all the menfolk snoring away...watching my exceedingly high cats running all over the place, chasing each other (yes, they each have their own mouse), making all those funny "sonar" noises and just in general being insane.  I could go to bed...but they'll follow me...they think I have more catnip.

They've been following me from room to room all evening.  Even the orange one that usually thinks I'm some sort of spawn from Hell that must be sent back.  He's been loving on me, purring...I'm pretty sure it's a ruse to lure me into a false sense of security before he slashes my jugular in my sleep.  Either that or he likes me now because I got him high.

I'm not sure I'll ever buy anything like that for them again.


Possibly if I'm really, really bored and need entertainment.

'Cause really, despite the noise, it's flippin' hilarious.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014


last week the youngest screamer came home from school with some sort of rapid attack stomach thing that knocked him flat.  It lasted about 3 days.  3 days of me griping at him about not eating.  3 days of him making rush trips to the bathroom (and it wasn't vomit).  By the end of day 3 he was hungry and everything was more solid.

I was so certain we (Tanker, Eldest and Myself) had dodged the bullet.


Yesterday (almost a week later), Tanker and I got hit with it.  Tanker still had an appetite.  I was having flashbacks to my pregnancy with youngest screamer...flashbacks that involved food smells and me hanging out at the trash can while cooking.  Yeah.  The males ended up fending for themselves while I practiced mouth breathing to keep from having to smell.  Dinner for me was an orange.

Today I am more human.  All the males are out of the house so I've not had to yet test whether or not food still stinks.  Mainly because I'm not hungry still.  Water and flat Sprite are my friends today.  Unfortunately Tanker has class until late and won't be home until nearly midnight....this means I cook tonight.  Crap.  No, no crap...please no more crap.  Sigh.

I also get to clean the kitchen from yesterday's male sponsored fiasco.  Yay.

That might just be the only thing I do today.  And it might just wait until after I take a nap.  I'm exhausted from a lousy night's sleep and an early morning.  I hear the quilts a'calling.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

What the Polar Vortex Has Taught Us....

Us being me and mine.

The Polar Vortex (hereafter referred to as PV) has shown us a multitude of things (and no, it's not "over" as so many have been weather persons locally).

It has taught us that the decision to not buy this house (and to move closer to Tanker's chosen educational institution) is a really, really, really good decision.  It's not the ice or really big problems with the road per's the wind.  The wind this year has been something else.  No big surprise.  PV has brought several days of doozy winds.  PV bringing said winds has allowed us to learn that this house, newly "built" on top of an old foundation (original foundation is strong, btw), leaks like a freakin' sieve.

The "energy efficient" windows leak (improper installation or insulation...likely both) so badly you can sit and watch the mini blinds sway.  There is a nice, rather large, gap between the floor and the baseboard in the dining room area that sends a breeze flowing across the floor when the wind is blowing from that direction (currently PV has some nice gusty winds blowing from all directions...she's bipolar).

The finish work is shit in this house as well.  Carpet (new and expensive) is coming up at all the thresholds, the "floating" wood floor is floating should see the waves when you walk across it...drywall tape and seams popping through the paint job (oh, which was applied over drywall dust so it has interesting texture in some spots), there is no caulk around any of the bath related stuffs that should be caulked, the bathroom sinks both leak and I can't use (because I can't get to them due to the size of the refrigerator) a good chunk of the kitchen cabinets.  Poor layout and more.

I seems like I'm reaching...but for the price we pay monthly AND the end asking price on this place, I frankly expect it to be worth it.  It is not.  I giggle because this is supposed to be the landlord/builder's crown jewel...his big ticket building.  Prime vacation home property.  On the surface, it's beautiful and wonderful.  Just what many would want in a vacation home.

PV came along and showed us all the things that a vacation home owner would not have noticed just yet.  And I think that landlord/builder knew that these would be issues that would pop up eventually...probably the reason he wasn't overly keen on a one year lease (he wanted 6 months).  I'm keeping track of issues and will hand him the list when we inform him (in May or June) that we will not be purchasing.  Will he be happy?  Likely not as his crown jewel with flaws will be on the market in a neighborhood with houses the same size with more amenities (hello, private dock and a garage with more land) and a cheaper sell price.

The screamers have been a hard sale with the next move....they love the school (as do I) and are tired of moving (as am I....for now) but they've come around.  They enjoy being able to go out and do things....we don't get to do many things now because of location AND having to make sure that extra cash is always available in the event of the one working vehicle needing something/anything so Tanker can get to and from school.  So, sharing with them the monetary and thing doing benefits was a necessity.  It worked.  They are on board and ready to go now....patience is not their forte.

As it is, the hunt is sorta on for a place in the desired area.  There are several that would to just hope we have the same options come time to move!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pay No Attention....

to the puppet on the public stage.  Re-elect him then sit back and watch the show.  Do nothing until it's too late.

It's damn near too late.

Maybe it is already.

Too many just don't care.  Period.

Those that prepare...keep doing what you can.

Those that don't...sorry.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Been Derelict....

in my clearing out the kitchen/storage duties....still.

There have been some fairly important decisions being made about other stuff and that particular area has been put on the back burner (again)....fairly easy to do when all I have to do is shut the door and not look at it.  Also, the gathering of paperwork and writing of letters concerning the "stolen" taxes just seriously burned out my brain for a few days.  Slowly getting back to my normal.

On another note, there looms a j-o-b interview (first round) for me.  Tuesday.  And it's not fast food or retail positive thoughts on that would be most welcome.  It would be the perfect fit for my future plans but we all know that Murphy lives with me so expecting the unexpected is expected.

Just thought I'd drop a quick life update in here today...have a bigger post planned for later (maybe tomorrow) about the "fairly important decisions" and how they relate to our preps and plans.  We're still not 100% sure how but that's why I have you get to point out the holes!

Have a good weekend all....I'm off to work on some more lists...HA!

Friday, January 3, 2014

So Far....(and a Giveaway of sorts)

this winter we've been spared the worst of the weather here in our little piece of KY.

Last night resulted in a bit of ice and about 1.5" of snow.  Sunday is shaping up to bring more (as of yet undetermined amount) and some seriously, seriously cold temps (-30 KY?  Weirdness).  We're as ready for it as we can be, so no worries.  I might even thaw out one of the 4 (yes, 4) big turkeys in the fridge and roast it up so we can have all the turkey goodness (leftovers, soup, etc) that we missed out on Thanksgiving due to celebrating elsewhere.  Sounds like a plan!

The funny thing is, where we are in KY, doesn't usually get to bad this early in winter (that I remember)...normally it's mid-January before we see any serious threats/action.  Dang that global warming...oh, excuse me...climate change.  Sure, we had ice and snow my Senior year of High School (and the year following) that knocked out electric for a bit...but overall this year seems colder earlier to me...and with more snow.  But like I said, we aren't overly worried as we have alternative heat/cooking sources and plenty of supplies to see us through.

Good thing too as we discovered that, despite being fairly heavily traveled, the road that runs by our house is not one to get "taken care of" as quickly as we thought.  Bonus to that is that it's been fairly quiet today...surprisingly.  But then you would think not too many folks would want to be out in the middle of a lake fishing with such crazy low temps and would think.  Still, there were several vehicles playing to and fro on the road to the marina today.  A road with a huge downgrade that is shaped like an S with a sheer rock face on one side and a 90ft cliff on the other...covered with snow and spots of ice.  Dedicated fisher-folk or idiots?  Your call.

Tomorrow is supposed to be semi-nice though, so I will finally get around to taking all the holiday decor down to the basement along with a few unpacked boxes that contain items not vitally important to our survival.  I'm determined to downsize and clear out that spare room but have decided that taking everything to the basement so the room is cleared and usable is more important right now.  The plan is to bring up a box or two every couple of days, go through it and ready the stuff that isn't staying for donation.  Tanker will then drop it off on his once a week trek to the City for class.

Here's where it gets fun....for you.

Is there something home-related that you've always wanted that you've never gotten because you couldn't justify the expense or make yourself buy it?  If so, comment below with what it is....if it appears in one of the boxes, I'll mail it to of charge. 

This of course means I'll be emailing you at some point if I've got it so that I can get your address for shipping, so don't be surprised if in 3 months you randomly hear from me.  There ya go...spread the word. have NO idea how many boxes remain in that room and the sort of stuff that is in them (ahem...entire sets of silverware, candle holders, glasses, kitchen gadgetry, etc.).  So the more the merrier!

ETA:  If you don't feel comfortable posting a need/want in the comments, email your wishlist to me at phoenixflats AT

(P.S.  Don't an ad if you would...the one below this post works.  You don't have to actually look at it or buy anything...just click.  Danke!)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ugh....Just Ugh!

I swear, going over the budget and working out the numbers is going to be the death of me.  Why in the world I ever thought a career in Finance would work out is beyond me.

Math R hard.

I hates it.

It is not my's a filthy little hobbits.

Okay...geek-freak out complete.

The good news is that I've pretty well got everything worked out.  Thankfully.  Or I would have eventually found myself offering up a child sacrifice to Mammon.

Oh and the gofundme is gone.  We will do it all on our own.  It is our responsibility to deal with.

Also a decision that was made after seeing how a friend in "desperate" need whined about how though the need that was not a need but a want was met, it was not met fast enough to suit.  This hurt because I assisted in meeting some of the "need" and did a pass on items for my own spawns' holiday to do so (it was only two books worth but still).  It also brought to light (because it finally happened in a way that hurt) that we overlook our own needs so often that it puts us in a bind, like now.  A fiver or ten spot here and there adds up...and after looking over the financials from last year, I realized how many of those went elsewhere and not to our dwindling savings.

Not this year.

No, we won't be going full selfish mode.  But we will do a double check on where we stand before we offer help from now on.  There will be deep thought put into monetary donations from this point on.

That being week a trip into town with several bags of outgrown but entirely serviceable clothing will be made so that they may find their way into the donation bin.  There will, hopefully, be several boxes of kitchenware and the likes as well.

The purge is underway.

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