Monday, December 30, 2013

End of the Year Bitchy Post....

Just gonna lay all the gripey things that have been bothering me out there on the line.

2013's most annoying things for OzM:

1.  Family knowing that other family members are struggling, heartsick and just having a rough time in general but turning a completely blind eye to the issue and remaining self-absorbed and ignoring their own obligations to said family member(s).

2.  The "my shit don't stink" people.

3.  Having your intelligence questioned because you don't believe the way someone else does (on any number of things; not necessarily religion).

4.  Waiting and waiting on karmic payback.

5.  Finally:  Those that forever scam the system but come out smelling like roses regardless of how many levels of crap they've dove into while those that follow the rules and do the right thing are forever being screwed over....and over....and over. that that hissy fit is over (brought to you by so many things)....what are your plans for 2014?

Still working out the bare bones of ours.  Budget is being worked on as incoming numbers have changed in the past month.  Outgoing numbers are relatively the same but we're upping the amount paid in on the vehicles in hopes of wiping that out sooner (especially since the Durango is just a very expensive yard decoration right now...see gofundme goo to the left and if you feel the need to help out, thanks...if not, still thanks).  Credit reports are being pulled at the end of January and being gone over with a fine tooth comb as I've be remiss and not done that since some accounts were paid off.

Oh and nagging will commence soon....Tanker has not been as active in jostling the VA over treatment delays as he should.  That will be he is constantly in pain, despite meds, and has "numb" episodes more and more often.  Not exactly conducive to healing.  I kinda figure since we fall into some sort of gray area where we make too much for help, but not enough to do more than bail out the leaking boat with a teaspoon, and he's not rated at 100% (which is a requirement for most of the aid programs out there) that the VA should at least get him going to the point that pain isn't an issue holding him back from getting back to work (which is what he wants).  Gonna be rough on him though as they want him to go back through physical therapy (because it worked soooo well the first time...note the sarcasm).

And I'm on the j-o-b hunt again (still but upping the search).  Positive thoughts there would be greatly appreciated.

Alas, such is life.

Here's to hoping the next year is kinder to us all!

Friday, December 27, 2013


I don't really do well with them, so I tend to not make any that are vitally important.

This year, however, I am making a resolution to strengthen my resolve.  I do well with things at the beginning of the program but as time lags on I'm easily distracted....oh, shiny!....I'm hoping this year will be different.  I'm hoping that having a "plan" will help me stay on track (ha!) and that Tanker will call me out on any straying from "the plan."  Because I would really, really love to write next year's New Year post from a farm of our own.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happiest of Holidays....

A challenge:

turn off the TV, turn off the news, take a break from the sources of information on the interwebz that bring you stress.

Spend the next 3-4 days focusing on you and yours.

Take the time to tell them that you love them. (Even if they intentionally drive you bat shit crazy.)

Take the breather, refresh your spirit and make your resolutions (if you do) for the next year.

Come back into the fight swinging.

Much Love,


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Reassessment Time....

a move is in our future...again.

Don't get me wrong...we really do love the house, mostly.  There have been several issues pop up over the last month however that go to show us that the landlord had his crew rush to finish...and they finished badly.  All issues that he will be fixing, eventually.

The big thing for us is lack of land and selling price.  We sit on a half acre lot and have use of the adjacent half acre lot.  Unfortunately, the landlord is suffering under the delusion that the property is worth a lot...I'm sure it was, a couple of years ago.  But now, with no less than 5 homes for sale in a half mile radius...all for less or equal the amount he's asking (and the equal amount ones have way more land attached and more amenities)...his asking price is too high for us to say for sure we'll be buying at the end of our lease.

There are dozens of other properties, with large amounts of land (LARGE amounts...cannot stress that enough) that are in the same price range as this one.  We're talking double digit acreage...with a home....with streams/creeks/river frontage, barns, sheds, etc.  Of course, none of these fit our needs (ability to lease) when we moved back to KY...they still don't with the whole leasing thing.  But when the time comes to buy....they'll fit nicely in the bracket we intend to spend.

Naturally, we are aware that they likely won't be available (maybe...depends) when we're ready to buy...but we can hope.

Most will require a move further north in the State...not much further but some....a few are actually considerably closer to the School for the Deaf (which we are still assuming the eldest will need...assessments still pending there).  I do hate to move the screamers to yet another new school...their current one is ranked right up there with their last in how eager and willing they were to work with us on the eldest screamer's IEP.  Thankfully, my spawn are made of willow and bend with the wind.  Good thing since the wind tends to blow us a bit of everywhere.

So we begin with the whittling down of luxuries (not that there are a lot) to quicken the growth of our personal down payment fund (as the one the landlord is supposedly building will be null and void with our decision to not purchase...note that I am seriously doubting he is actually putting any percentage of our rent into any kind of account except his own personal one) along with saving up to get the junker Durango fixed (still so beyond pissed over that) because we just can't take the hit to the credit that trading it in on another vehicle (and getting a new loan) would give.  Thankfully....we've got time.  Not much...but time.

We hope.
The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke