Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break....

and we're in ill broke (money broke too but that's a different story).

Tanker gave me snot at some point last has quickly spread through the house to the screamers.  Yay...spring break!

Regardless, this week's weather is supposed to be pretty nice so I'll be out and about...transplanting kiwi vines into larger containers, doing the same with the grapes (hoping that the shallow pots they lived in this winter didn't kill the roots) and blackberries.  Everybody will get a few days to settle into their new homes before getting haircuts.  Nobody but the kiwi have buds yet, so still dormant enough to hopefully handle the stress.  If not, I suppose I can get more later. 

I've not started any seeds (don't want to move seedlings anyway) so we'll be hitting up the local nurseries once we've settled further south for a few tomato plants and whatever else we may desire.  Not likely to be much as the farmer's market is 4 blocks from the house and will be my go to shopping spot for the bulk, of course, so canning can commence.

The rest of the break around here will be filled with boxes and paper.  Not scheduled to move until June 1st, but everyone knows how quickly something like that sneaks up on a person.  

Now I'm off to load up on fluids and meds in hopes of a headache free day.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Switch....

will be happening soon!

In other words, you get to tag along on a fantastical journey involving me, mine, working, school and all the usual inane insanity that involves us...only come July we'll be tossing in a bit of Urban Homesteading.

You see, I'll have a big, blank citified backyard that ordinances say I can have up to 10 hens in.  Now the hens may not be making an appearance until this Fall but I can dream and plan until then.  The garden, of course, will not likely be worth much of anything this year...if we can even get one in...but that doesn't stop me from sharing our (mis)adventures with you.

Since we're radically changing our diets (no beans, no flour...go on, follow along with that fun separately over at meandering mods) and we still need to have food on hand, you'll get to join along on my visits to local (and not really local but I like going for the flea market part too) Farmer's markets.  There will be frequent visits this year since (as I said above) a garden is highly unlikely.  I'll try to remember my camera as often as possible (especially since I'm working on building a portfolio) and share our little world.

So there you have bit of guaranteed change.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dear Junkyard Dogs....

Enlisting your help.

I need an engine.  I honestly don't care how many miles are on it.  I need it to NOT cost me $3-4k+ shipped (zip code 42642, business)....I need it to run, not just be some usable parts.  I've got $1600 to buy the bitch and that is it.

2004 Dodge Durango 5.7L V8 Hemi, 4x4, VIN 8th is D.

Yes, I've ebay'd it...yes, I've done online searches....yes, local junkyards have been called (the one we know has one is currently battling insurance companies to get vehicles released for parting out).

I'm beyond tired of this game.

I've gotten ugly with Dodge on FB (hey, it's a KNOWN issue that THEY have refused to do anything about).

I'm thisclose to just burning the bitch down...but there's the whole owing money on it and pretty sure it would be illegal anyway.

Any leads you got, blast them to me.

Surprise, Surprise....

well, not really.

Not to any of you that have been reading here (or any of the other like minded blogs) in the past 4 years or so.

Headlines as I signed into Yahoo! this morning are MSM panic a lot of folks...hopefully not to you (the usual suspects).

They go something like this:

NASA Civilization Collapse Study
Your Dollar isn't Buying (and isn't going to) Much at the Grocery
California to Farmers, "No water for you!" (sorry, it's a Fox link)
Ukraine (and the EU), Ukraine (and their Navy) and a little Turkey Talk (3 separate ones there)

And on it goes...people are shocked...well, at least some of the folks rolling about in my FB feed.  They genuinely did not see the food price hike coming and are angry.  "First my heating bill nearly triples and now this!"

Welcome to the New Age folks.

Get thee prepared.....

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ya Know....

with the real estate market being what it is/was/whatevs it SHOULD be easy to find someone, somewhere that would be tired of having a house sitting on the market for months on end that is wanting/willing to lease.

Not so much I guess.

We have a backup plan (and a backup to the backup) in case we can't find something that fits perfect.  A townhouse.  It's not the preferred mode of living but the way things are looking that will end up being the spot we settle until we buy.

Alas, the hunt continues....on and on.....

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just When I Feel Human Again....

Ma Nature delivers ice and snow.

Finally got the crud the kid brought home outta here and we are trapped!  It's not a bad thing, per se...we've got plenty of eats and such to keep us for quite a bit (as expected) but I'll be darned if just walking down the short but steep drive doesn't make for an ice skating adventure.

The snow is pretty, no doubt...but there honestly isn't as much snow as ice.  Felt a bit Legolas-like walking on top of the snow the past two days.  Temps are supposed to edge up over the next couple of days so hopefully the screamers will return to school on Thursday...the 1.5" of ice covering our road (main road to the marina that has not been touched by road crew folk) is keeping them home...can only imagine what the side roads look like.

Oh and no review on the Wise Foods Chili Mac poor stomach just wasn't up for it.  Did you get a free sample yet?  Thoughts?

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