Monday, November 26, 2012

A Little Taste...

of the mild insanity that I live with...granted video is a couple of years old...things have not calmed down.  Things have not changed much except the screamers are of larger build now.  This, folks, is my life.

And yes, that's me FB...and no, I don't randomly friend anyone.  'Tis set to private except for the things I want the world to see.  Like this.  It tends to keep people away apparently.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Job Huntin'....Again

Yes, I still have the job at McD's...but let's face it...I'm the breadwinner now and minimum wage ain't winning bread.  I've not worked since mid-October due to a SURPRISE pregnancy followed promptly by an even bigger SURPRISE miscarriage.  No worries, I'm alright with it (mentally and physically) as I had zero time to even get excited or think about the prospect of another screamer roaming the world.  However, it did require some leave from work.

Top that joyous fun of with taking youngest screamer to the doc late last month for a random cough/cold/bug thing only to get told "hey, I'm sending you to a Pediatric Cardiologist"...good times folks, good times.  Of course, now we're in a rush to get everything with youngest screamer squared away before the TriCare runs out at the end of March and my crappy McD's insurance kicks in.  I should point out here, I will be working for insurance and gas money only if I don't find something better.

On average, a good full paycheck runs about $326 or so (give or take $50) every 2 will run me $157.52 every 2 weeks...gas about $60 or so (depending on price fluctuations, etc) every two weeks.  That leaves less than $110 every two weeks to pay bills and get groceries.  You see, working for insurance...this will be the theme song of the country soon.  Oh and I should point out also....this is the minimum amount of coverage I can opt for.  Which also means co-pays on EVERYTHING and huge, massive deductibles.  The fun just keeps rolling on in!

But, we're still alive...still standing...and still holding it together.  For that, I'm thankful.

Now, I've got to go make a list of folks to call after the holiday so all checkups (eyes and ears for the blind and deaf in the house) can be done and done before all hell breaks loose.

Happy "We've Come to Convert You Savages" Day...or as most of you know it....Happy Thanksgiving!!

MATURE CONTENT....NOT SAFE FOR WORK (but funny as hell).

Friday, November 16, 2012

Over Two Years Ago....

I posted this (cue wiggly lines and flashback style music):

Just a Little Reminder

I'm sure a few readers thought I was crazy to the extreme.  Think I'm still crazy?  Okay, so I am crazy but that is totally beside the point.

These past two years have been the LONGEST of my far.  I have the distinct feeling that the next few are going to be even longer.

Off to stoke the fire then steal the covers from Tanker...night all.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

October Surprise Arrived Late

Just in case you aren't following or hearing:

Operation Pillar of Cloud (from inside Gaza)

From Al Jazeera News

And of course, CNN and BBC have reports (heavy on the "oh poor Israel side).

There is your October Surprise Arrived Late folks.  Care to wager on how this will play out for the US of A?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Preaching to the Choir...

in hopes that someone not part of the choir will stumble in.

You'd have to blind to not see the division in this country...too many are, unfortunately.  The people of the States filling petitions for secession are part of the voice ignored by the government.  The election was not a "landslide" as I've heard from many MSM sources...a landslide would indicate that O received well over 50% of the vote...he did not.

My Facebook feed has been burning up with sniping comments from one side to the other (and visa versa) and it's disturbing to see my somewhat normal friends become venomous bile spewing fanatics.  It brings that country wide division into glaring focus.

I've attempted to keep my comments to a minimum...not really posting for one side or the other as I fully believe both are wrong (p.s.  I deplore the 2 party good ol' boy system).  I've watched with increasing dismay as my friends have rather brutally verbally attacked one another...and it has served to strengthen my resolve.

This, my dear readers, is no time to become lax or complacent. Winter is harsh enough without these issues and divisions...this winter looks to be harsher still.  Once the holiday season has passed, I look for much of the country to lose its mind all over again.  I could be wrong but the ball of foreboding in the pit of my stomach makes the possibilities difficult to ignore.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Oh Really!?!

An affair, eh?

Petraeus resigns over affair

Two thoughts here....1.) there is WAY, WAY, WAY more and 2.) is there a way we can get the rest of them (ie guberment) to do the same thing?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy, Happy...Joy, Joy....

no, not over that which shall not be discussed (ie the thing that happened's all the rage on MSM right now if you don't know what it is).

Happy/Joy over the fact that we are sooooo much closer to being debt-free now (thought the credit scores took a knock last month while waiting on the pay to come in).  Went from $40k+ in debt to less than $20k.  If all goes well, that will be halved again by the end of the year.  If all does not go well over the next few weeks, miserly me will once again be squeezing pennies 'til they scream out for mercy in order to keep our feet under us.  It has to be must be done...and it has got to be done soon (due to the results of the thing that shall not be discussed and that thing called a fiscal cliff).

Still waiting on the VA letter so we can file some paperwork with DFAS (military pay crap for those that don't know) in order to get the taxes back that they took out of Tanker's NON-TAXABLE severance pay.  Going to be cutting close on that as everyone knows how fast the VA moves and the paperwork has to be filed by the end of the year.  If not, kiss that $7k adieu...NOT something I want to be doing.

Now that we're set to pull through the winter with everything (except milk 'cause no cow or eggs because the peepers aren't laying yet) and have all the things Tanker wanted/needed in the tool/large gnarly chainsaws with more power (grunt, grunt, grunt) area, I'm turning my eye to expanding on the flock and getting the field fenced in to keep future cow out of the backyard and out of the future orchard.  Still sad I missed out on all the fall sales of orchard stock though.  Lowe's didn't even have anything in the "help they're killing me" section.  Sigh.  Oh and keeping my eye out for a deep freeze...please don't open the freezer on the fridge, I don't think the insurance will cover broken appendages caused by falling frozen foods.

And now I'm off to attempt some sleep...tomorrow is likely to put me under!
The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke