Monday, August 31, 2009

Madness and Maypops

Wow! It has been an incredibly insane past few weeks…hence the ‘madness’ part. The eldest screamer is now doing pretty well in school; there was a slight adjustment period for everyone naturally. The main one being his teacher (this is only her second year teaching and poor thing got my stubborn, independent do-it-yourselfer who is already bored because they are “learning” things he’s known since he was two) but things are sailing along pretty smooth for the moment.

Eldest screamer is growing up entirely too fast though. Lost his first tooth yesterday and a second is nice and loose. Mrs. Tooth Fairy paid a visit last night…apparently inflation has hit that particular sector too….thank you Mr. Tooth Fairy for that. Anyway, the screamer was squealing happy this a.m. at the money she left him whilst he snored away.

Fun times all around…sigh. We’ve taken to going for a walk every night after dinner. Gives a bit of family time that doesn’t involve the boob tube and let’s me point out some goodies that grow around here. Goodies like Maypops (or passion flowers, depending on where you are and who you are). The hill along the lake is LOADED. Now if I can get too them first this fall when they are ready for picking, I’ll be doing a little playing with jelly and juice! I have some stiff competition in the deer and birds though. I’m curious as to how it will work up, I’m positive I’ll get enough for a couple of jars of jelly. Toss those in with the massive amount of fruit hanging around on the persimmon trees and I may (MAY) just have a busy fall with some wild fruits (no, not my family…though that isn’t far off).

With all the crazy weather (cool, hot, cool, warm, cool), I have the feeling we’re in for one heck of a ride this fall/winter. Don’t think that there will be tons of snow (there might be though) but I’m pretty doggone sure that we’ll be plenty cold for a good long while. Especially since the high around these parts is only supposed to be 70 today. 70, on the last day of August…70. Should be interesting, no?

We still await word on exactly where and when we are headed away from the Ozarks. But I’ve learned to just go with the flow…in the meantime, I continue to slowly pick through the possessions and decide what is worth keeping and what isn’t. I battle the massive packrat gene on a daily basis. Someday, I’ll win.

Friday, August 7, 2009


No, no…it’s not some abbreviated something or other for text speak. Well, actually it is but it’s not something that flies around like: OMG, WTF and such. OCM is short for Oil Cleansing Method. I figure it would be a good one to throw at you all, being that it is an easy prep thing.

Oil Cleansing Method is a way of cleaning your face…using oil. I heard that gasp, but seriously it works (for most people). Check out the link to the page, meander over to the forums and read about others results. Yes, I use it. Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Grapeseed Oil combo (something like 60/40). I’ve even knocked it up a notch lately with a salt scrub mix. I take my oil combo and add a bit (very little bit) to about a tablespoon of kosher salt and voila…an exfoliating facial that beats anything I’ve gotten at a spa AND it’s way cheaper.

I bring this up because I know (I KNOW) that I’m not the only person in the world with adult acne (ugh, I thought puberty was bad!!) and I know (I KNOW) that a lot of the other options out there are 1.) Expensive, 2.) Not practical for prepping, 3.) A royal, smelly pain in the patootie. With OCM, I can prep what I need right along with the food stuffs. Even better, it’s included with the food preps because if it comes right down to it…I can use my oils and salt for food instead of my face.

Can’t do that with any other face goo, now can I? Plus, the whole thing is pretty darn budget friendly. You don’t use gobs and gobs of oil (I use something like maybe ½ tablespoon); you don’t have to use it every day once you’ve gotten through the initial acclamation phase (every other for me, with the scrub once a week). I’ve had the same jar of mix for over three months and it’s still way over half full (8 oz cleaned jelly jar). Since it’s olive oil based, it will take a good long time for it to go gross (if ever). I spent a whopping $8 on the olive oil, caught the grapeseed on sale for something like $5 and the kosher salt is about $2. So $15 on “beauty” supplies that have lasted me at least 3 months and will last way more.

Now I confess I do still use soap on the face. Good ol’ fashioned lye soap, when I have the odd breakout. Matter of fact, I’m running low on it…hmmm, better hunt down a decent source for that (mental note). All in all though, the OCM has been a good thing for the budget and the skin. Figured it was past time to pass that little tidbit along to you lot…use it for what it’s worth!! (Wow, look at that…an informative post…the world really is ending!!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy, Busy

Little bee. Between my school, prepping for the oldest screamer to start (for a while at least) at the local ant colony, writing out and working up new patterns (knitting, a small obsession), deciding what goes and what stays of the suddenly huge amount of crap we own and the spousal unit’s impending leave…well, I’ve decided that I’m only one woman and while I’m one heck of a woman…I can’t do it all. Dang good thing I took a vacation earlier this year, I guess.

Alas, the job is mine. So I plug away at it…a little at a time. Right now I’m in the list phase. Listing things that are must haves and keeps, then listing the stuff that’s gotta go because…let’s face it, I don’t mind moving but I hate packing. With a fierce and fiery passion…deeply, deeply hate it. Unfortunately, I can’t just dump it all on my sister (though she is a great resource for off loading outgrown screamer clothing) so it calls for a definite think on what should go into the impending yard sale (wait, I don’t have a yard!!). I foresee that the screamers will be sent to visit the grandparents so that I may relieve the house of things that they think are life and death…aka toys. There lies the greatest battle. A battle I shall fight alone.

The spousal unit is primed and ready to go…off to wherever. No, we don’t know yet. He’s having to do the typical military thing and wait. Nothing new there, only this time we wait on the Doc at MEPS to go through his original discharge paperwork and the subsequent workups along with the rest of the goo. Once that’s all settled (and it will be, there’s one tiny piece of paper in there that makes all the rest moot…a letter from the Secretary of the Army that basically says “All clear.”), he gets to go and do all the contract stuff then is gone. The screamers and myself will follow whenever (housing and such, ya know). Which translates to me packing (unless we end up overseas again…I could so live with that) and taking care of all loose ends here. Oh yeah…and I gotta keep up with the screamers and school. Mercy on me!!

I do think that this whole return to military life will be an interesting case study though. How can I work on the being prepared but still keep things mobile enough for easy (or semi-easy) moving? Should be fun to say the least. And a good example of how just about anyone can do it…don’t you think?
The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke