Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spoons, School and a little fun....

Just a quick drop in to let ya know I'm still livin'....albeit with a little less time on my hands for much in the way of bloggin'. That doesn't mean I don't read my usuals or think of you just means that I forgot how tough some of these college courses can be (hello, 1400 word papers on something I don't really care about every other week) AND top it off with the whole restarting with the edumacationating of the screamers here at all around!

Really, it is. The oldest is one happy fella and is breezing through a lot of 1st grade work (proud, bragging momma alert). It's been an easier transition back than we thought. Doesn't hurt that the boy is obsessed with all things we are focusing on a bit of Nature Studies (i.e. we walk around the woods and momma points out stuff and answers questions).

That is where the 'spoons' part comes might remember that we have a huge amount of persimmon trees around these parts...the oldest decided to snap up about ten of these orange beauties...Momma decided to do a little cutting and guess what? Go on...guess!! Ten spoons, all lined up in a row...Momma's hoping that it holds true and we have a nice, super snowy winter. Heck, with the quick change in weather round here lately (summer to fall in something like 4 hours, lol) I'm thinking this winter is going to be interesting anyway!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear Potosi R-III School District,

Thank you so much for the trauma you have caused. My oldest child was given to you, with much trepidation, to teach. He came to you as an excited and elated five year old boy, eager to learn and happy. He will be leaving you this afternoon as an unhappy, labeled little boy who is no longer excited at the prospect of "going to school in a building."

Congratulations, it took you less than a month to destroy his joy. That is some kind of record, I'm sure.

My apologies for sending you a child that was "very bright" (to quote his teacher) and "academically advanced" (to quote another). I didn't realize that preparing my child and teaching my child was something that would cause trouble. My apologies for sending you a child that is an independent thinker, one that does not depend on adults to defend him and one that is not a (sorry all) sissified pussy that is all touchy feely about others feelings and refuses to moderate his opinions for the sake of others' feelings.

I do thank you for showing me the light...and that I was right. My child is infinately better off where he will be as of this afternoon...home, learning with someone that loves him and bothers to take the time to understand him. Farewell to those that have made this last month one of the sigularly most trying in my young son's life. You jerks.
The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke